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A paperless office is a work environment which the use of paper is reduced or even eliminated. It works by changing the written documents and print documents into digital form. The developers have claimed that the concept of a “paperless office” can boost productivity, save money, save space, keep personal information more secure, make documentation and information sharing easier, help the environment, and keep personal information more secure. This concept can also be used for communications outside the office or percentage.

The concept of the paperless office has the distinct advantage of reducing dependence office or agency to the paper. The need for paper is reduced or eliminated by using online systems, such as replacing rolodexes and index cards with databases, sending faxes and typed letters with email, and reference books with the internet.

Another purpose of the concept paperless office is for automate paper-based processes with apply applications for surveys, capture and share data. This method is referred to as “e-forms” or electronic forms and is typically accomplished by using existing print-perfect documents in electronic format to allow the customer for pre-filling of existing data and input data manually entered online by end-users, objectives to provide a secure method to submit the form data to the processing system, and also the user digitally signed electronic documents without printing.Some advantages of picking “paperless office” concept for your office:

Less time spent at the process copy document

The average document is copied 9-11 times, this can reduce in millions of pages of paper, and a lot of time spent to printing data in front of the copy machine or printing machines. When you picking “paperless office” you can save time by simply hitting CTRL+C and CTRL+V on a button on your keyboard, then distributing by newsletters, memos, and other information which allows.

Less time spent on document revision

If you use a paperless office that uses an electronic filing system, you can save time by tracking revisions made to the documents, and you can saving them as drafts. This mean allows users to accept, decline or see document changes.

Less time looking for files

What happens when your colleagues is on vacation or take on tasks outside, and you need a file that they have done? What if the computer your colleagues is password protected? An electronic filing system can eliminates these problems, providing for quick, making documents more accessible, and easy retrieval, even when you don’t know the name of the file. You can search an electronic document quickly.

And more benefit if use Electronic filing systems.

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