Why Planogramming Is so Popular Among Small Retailers?

Have you ever noticed, how seamlessly products and brands are arranged at big shopping malls? Probably, they have a huge pool of specialists and workforce, on board. But, much to the delight of small stores owners, there is a science of arranging goods known as Planogramming. It is either done by a specialist or a software to devise items marshalling blueprints in the form of precise visual arts

Experts around the globe have termed programs created from the art of planogramming as the most advanced and result-driven technique for visual merchandising. At its core, planogram software help stores come up with a store layout, and worldwide, its effectiveness can be measured by sales volume.

Here we take a look some of the perks of getting a planogram software:

Saves Time

If it is asked to point out, a single reason to consider planogramming, then, it should it time-saving ability. If you hire a planogram expert to develop planograms for your retail outlets. He or she will take some time to first understand the ins and outs of your store, and then create a layout. However, on the other side, if you get an advanced software, you will have planograms in just as few minutes. And, since, there will be no human interference, less likelihood of errors. This software is designed taking into account an extensive global sales records and latest trends for great results.


Irrespective of the size of the retail outlet, out-of-stock products usually have a toll on the annual revenue, this probably, those brands and products are not placed at their best places. A planogramming software will support you to find spots where less selling things appear straight into the eyes of your customers. To take an example, child diapers placed next to men clothing section can be a reason for low sales of diapers, so, planogramming might up their best places near to women fashion section for better visibility and sales. The time it takes for a goods to sell out is entirely dependent on the number of items sold of a product for a given period. A Little thing like this does matter, thus, throwing light on the worth of a planogram software.


Better Management of Space

Planogramming assists small retail outlet owners to better manage space. Since your store is less on sq ft, the layout will ensure that all the products and brands are arranged best to leverage high sales. Plus, this technique makes sure that most selling and highly profitable stuff are given enough space to augment sales.  If you are having the best software in the market, you are bound to get great results, that not only give short-term results, also help your retail business to survive in today’s competitive world.  But, on the flip side, if not implemented properly, the monetary damage might be significant, out-0f-stock stuff and low sales.

At the end of it of all, weigh the features and perks of different planogramming software to find the best for your store. Surfing the Internet for reviews and ratings, are also worth your time.

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