What will you use 4G for?

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Thanks to the early launch of 4G mobile phone contracts on EE last year, the UK now has access to super fast mobile broadband. Other countries such as the U.S. have been enjoying the wonders of 4G for years, but the UK has now caught up. EE now has more than 1.2 million 4G customers, and other networks are starting to launch their own 4G services. According to a prediction by market analyst, Mason, UK is anticipated to grow as the third largest market for 4G in the Europe till the end of the year 2014, with a total of about 8 million connections.


If you are in a 4G area – and more than 131 towns and cities are connected as part of the EE network – you are perfectly placed to start enjoying this exciting new network. It is estimated to offer a speed of the range of 8-30Mbps, particularly many times faster than 3G, its predecessor, which means that you no longer have to put up with slow loading, buffering screens, connection problems and poor signals. The only question is, when you have your 4G-compatible handset, what will you use it for?

Video streaming

One of the best things about 4G is its effect on live video streaming. Whether you use BBC iPlayer, stream live sports games or watch movies on the move, you will no longer have to put up with loading screens, and you can forget about interruptions and stuttery content. 4G enables smooth, uninterrupted streaming of High Definition videos of comparable longer lengths over the internet.

Video Calling

With a slow connection, video calling was all a mess, where a video conversation on Skype or Facetime could turn up into pixels messed up due to poor speed. With the advent of 4G connection, those messed up pixels and poor performance on video performance could become a past thing. Now, you can share instant emotions, laughs and hence, watch each other clearly without any lag with the use of 4G.

Online gaming

Mobile gaming as we know are set to be changed completely by 4G. Just like with video streaming, 4G ensures that games run smoothly, uninterrupted and are much faster to load, so you can say goodbye to those buffering screens.

Browsing the web

With 4G, web pages open in a flash, so you don’t have to sit there twiddling your thumbs simply trying to load a website. So, you will get a better experience of shopping online, paying bills or looking for information on a particular topic. Your browsing speed will enhance by around 4 times, so you need to be careful while making any click, as you won’t get a second chance to cancel and re-think.


With an EE contract phone, or a handset on another network which currently offers 4G, emailing becomes a much simpler process. You can zip between folders, download and load attachments, view picture attachments and sort out your Inbox in a matter of minutes.

Better Efficiency of Apps

If you are not fond of watching movies or downloading videos, but almost all the internet users are addicted to using social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. The introduction of 4G is going to change the way you interact in your social world as well. You will now be able to get instant status updates, share posts, images or videos or check-in a location instantly. Not only social media, there are many other apps that use internet connectivity for their proper functioning like Maps, which you can use with a greater efficiency and faster access to driving directions.

In short, every task carried on the internet will be quicker and if you use your phone for tasks other than calling, texting and clicking pictures, you need to upgrade to 4G.

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