What are the various SEO service offerings


A company that is engaged for SEO offers a whole range of services. Some of them are listed below.

Analysis of Site Structure

The search engines want to make sure that the site is designed keeping the user in mind foremost. But at the same time they need to be able to read into the site well if you want rankings to improve. This is something that SEO companies help with.

SEO services include checking of the robots.txt to read and see which pages should not be seen by the general public. This file does not allow the crawlers to index the pages. The services also includes checking for errors on the site including missing title tags or those that are duplicated or even content which is duplicated and 4XX errors. Indexed pages too are checked by these sites to see if the index will allow for relevant search phrases to be picked up. The sitemap too is evaluated to ensure that the index list of pages is well done so that the search engine does not face issues. They also test for speed as slow loading pages rank lower since it decreases the user experience.

Content Analysis

This is another huge chunk of the SEO services. This checks and diagnoses content which is poorly ranking as well as issues with regards the content such as duplicates. Content analysis also includes checking for missing pages. In short, the content analysis includes everything that will woo the visitors and make them into leads.

Off page analysis

These SEO services include checking for reviews about your company on various blogs, review sites, online directories and other places. If you have good reviews then the chances of you ranking high on the keyword search is much better. These companies check the negative reviews and see how they can be changed to your advantage. They also inform the company how they should respond to these negative comments and thus not only make amends with regards the customer but also improve the image of the company among those that review the trail.

Optimization of the code as well as the structure

  • They structure the site in such a way that it is easy for a new visitor to find the information they want on the site.
  • They also make the site more efficient and faster to run by cleaning the code
  • They remove errors which could be picked up by the search engines
  • They add the XML sitemap so different pages can be picked up and visited by the crawlers
  • They add internal links so that the visitor can be guided through the site
  • They add formatting to text, change the colors if necessary and add images which will help visitors to stay on the site longer and have a more pleasurable experience.

These are some of the offerings that most of the reputed SEO services by the best companies indulge in. By offering these services, the rankings of the site improve with the search engines.

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