Using Whatsapp on iOS devices

Whatsapp is a messenger app available free for smartphone users. It serves as a social and business app that enables users to interact using text, images, audio, and video over the internet. Whatsapp supports different types of smartphone operating system including iOS version 7 and above. If you would like to use Whatsapp on your iPad, continue reading to learn how to activate Whatsapp on iPad.

How can I install Whatsapp on iPad?

Many iPad users wish to install Whatsapp on their devices to join millions of people for social and business engagements. Sadly, Whatsapp Messenger is not available for iPad by default! To get it working on your iPad, it needs a few technical manipulations. However, iPad and iPod users can use Whatsapp on their devices. To install Whatsapp on your iPad, you need a third-party app called iFunbox and iTunes found on most iOS devices. Keep reading to learn how to install and use Whatsapp on your iPad.

How to install Whatsapp on iPad mini without iPhone

For you to use Whatsapp without iPhone, the following steps are necessary. You can install and activate Whatsapp on your iPad if you follow the steps described below:

Basic steps

  1. Install iTunes on your PC
  2. From download SynciOS app for Windows
  3. iPad or iPod Touch
  4. iPhone

Installation process

  • Start iTunes on your computer, search and download Whatsapp.ipa to get the iPA file.
  • Go to iTunes Media Folder located at C :>User>Username<My Music>iTunes>iTunes Media>Mobile Applications>Whatsapp. iPad
  • Connect your iPad to the PC launch SynciOS.
  • Click the My device tab, 5 menu items will appear on the left side of the panel.
  • Select Apps, to the installed application.
  • Click “install” button and select the Whatsapp file you copied earlier from the iTunes Media Folder. The files will smoothly install on your iPad.
  • Disconnect your iPad and welcome to global chat messenger app on your device.

How to activate Whatsapp on iPad

After the above is done, you can proceed to activate Whatsapp on iPad

  • Install Whatsapp on your iPhone. Uninstall any previous Whatsapp on your iPhone and reinstall a fresh one.
  • Enter the phone number you intend using on your iPad to activate your newly installed Whatsapp.
  • Attach your iPhone to your computer and launch SynciOS software.

When you launched Whatsapp,

–    Go to My Device>App>Whatsapp.

–    Look for the Preview button on the right side of the menu

–    Click it to access Whatsapp app doc system.

–    Highlight both Documents with Library folder

–    Click the Export button to copy the 2 highlighted folders to your computer

This process helps to copy Whatsapp Activation Files to your computer

  •    Now, safely unplug the iPhone and plug your iPad into your PC.

In addition, follow these steps:

  • Go to My Device>Apps>Whatsapp app doc file system
  • Delete Document and Library folders
  • Import the two folders you saved earlier on your computer to the App Document Management Panel on your iPad to replace Whatsapp activation files there.

  •    Finally, disconnect your iPad from the Computer. By this time, Whatsapp would be activated and ready to use.


Whatsapp may not be your iPad default app, but with many options exist to use it on your device. The processes described above offer some of many options on how to install Whatsapp on iPad mini without iPhone.

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