TV Documentaries that Every Computer Geeks Ought to Watch

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You no longer have to be a computer nerd to find technology fascinating. Technology has taken the world by storm. We are becoming more dependent on technology to carry out everyday tasks. The average American uses electronics for not less than 11 hours a day. This includes watching TV, using their mobile phone or simply listening to the radio.

Information technology is considered one of the major forces driving change in the modern world. It therefore makes sense that anyone fascinated with technology, would be fascinated with information technology and the computer in particular.

You don’t have to go digging into the history books or reading through countless articles to learn about technological trends and the history of technology. Simply catch great documentaries such as the following.

  • The Computer Program

Ever wondered how the computer developed into what it is today? Watch the Computer Program to learn more on the history of personal computers and their development. This documentary, produced by the BBC in 1982, is four hours long. It covers various topics including the development of BASIC programming language, the application of computers in industries and how programmers believed computers could help in improving efficiency.

While many of the topics may seem old and dated to the modern programmer, you can learn a lot about the complexity of computers and how they actually work.

  • Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise of Accidental Empires

There’s nothing better than learning from the masters, especially if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. This documentary chronicles the development of personal computing from the early 70s right to the late 90s. It features interviews with those who would later become computing giants and legends including the late Steve Jobs and Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

TV Documentaries that Every Computer Geeks Ought to Watch

Like with the previous documentary, a lot of information may seem dated. However, there is a lot you can learn about the development of technology and what lay behind some of the greatest advancements in technology.

  • Revolution OS

Most tech documentaries tend to leave out an important factor in the advancement of technology. That is Linux. Revolution OS is a documentary that actually follows the development of GNU/Linux. It follows the developers Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman through their hacking backgrounds to the development of the free software.

This documentary is a must see if you are an open source enthusiast.

  • Download: The True Story of the Internet

This four part series by the Discovery Channel first made its debut in 2008. During this time, most people used the term ‘The Web’ to refer to the Internet. The film takes viewers through the development of browsers and the wars that resulted amongst developers starting with the development of Mosaic.

The documentary also features the development of search engine technology, social networks and file sharing.

The next time you get a few hours free, ensure that you squeeze in some time to catch a tech documentary. You could learn a lot. Simply ensure you have access to the right channels. Here’s the guide.

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