Top Reasons Why Science And Tech Enthusiasts Love The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular TV series nowadays. The series centers around four incredibly smart geniuses and a very hot blonde. There is Penny, the hot waitress that lives across the hall, the experimental physicist named Leonard, the engineer named Howard, the astrophysicist named Raj, and everybody’s favorite, Sheldon. Most of the people who watch The Big Bang Theory are science and tech enthusiasts. If you use Internet TV, it is an easy task to catch the show online. Here are the reasons why you should catch the show if you are a science and tech fan:


Throughout the six seasons of the show, science has always been a main theme. This is not a surprise since most of the four main male characters are knowledgeable about it. They usually have a hard time explaining science, particularly physics, to their friend Penny. Also, the characters often find themselves squabbling over scientific theories (nerd-style). A lot of people also love it how science-related jokes are blurted every now and then. Famous individuals in the field of science also guest in the show. These include renowned Neil DeGraase Tyson and even Stephen Hawking.  There are a lot of science consultants for the show and these include Mayim Bialik who stars as Amy Fowler, Sheldon’s girlfriend.

Geeky references

The main characters are self-proclaimed geeks and they spend a lot of time in the comic store where a lot of funny things happen as well. They collect comic books, toys, and collectibles from various franchises. Here are some of the most popular franchises that show’s fans really love hearing about.

Star Trek – Star Trek is probably the top-menitoned franchise in the TV show. Sheldon really loves Spock because he identifies so strongly with the character. In fact, when he was given a napkin signed by Leonard Nimoy, the one who played as Spock, he was so happy not because of the signed napkin but simply because the napkin was used by Nimoy. Actors from the Star Trek Franchise such as Will Wheaton, Brent Spiner, and LeVar Burton appeared on the show as well.

Star Wars – The main characters are also Star Wars lovers and they love quoting from the franchise. They also own a lot of Star Wars memorabilia. For example, in one episode, Leonard used a green light saber to light his way in the dark as well as make fun of Sheldon’s tiny glow stick. There was also an episode where Sheldon was depicted using a Darth Vader toaster. There was also the time when Sheldon was mad at his friends that he tried to choke them Darth Vader style.

Lord of the Rings – There are also a lot of references to the Lord of the Rings franchise. In one episode, Leonard dressed up as Frodo Baggins to Penny’s Halloween party. There was also this episode when the four was able to get one of the rings which were supposedly used on the movie set. The four squabbled over the ring and seemed to make fun of the power which the ring had on the movie. Howard is also known to be able to speak Elvish. Different types of

These are just examples since the main characters are really geeky. They really love superheroes from DC and Marvel. There was on time when Stan Lee himself guested in the show. The show also loves science-fiction shows such as Dr. Who, Battlestar Galactica, and Babylon 5. Sheldon often shows his disappointment on the cancellation of Firefly as well as his disgust for Babylon 5.

Gadgets and electronics

High-tech gadgets and electronics are also ever present throughout the seasons of the show. Leonard is an experimental physicist and has access to a lot of machines. One time, he had an argument with Penny. Because he was feeling mad, he melted the head of his action figures with his lasers. The latest gizmos are also being featured. For instance, Raj and Howard tried to go with the trend of purchasing 3D printers. They purchased on out of curiosity and the first thing that they built was a whistle. They eventually had to return it because it was so expensive. There was also one time when Raj purchased an iPhone and he fell in love with Siri, the phone’s virtual assistant.

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