Top Five Software Testing Trends To Rule 2018 & Beyond

The recent era of digital disruption and transformation continues to bring in more and more innovations and development in software testing and quality assurance industry. The Software testing methods have evolved a lot from past few decades. Driven by the technology advancement and product manufacturing, software testing offers an end-to-end testing for quality.

Testing itself even today is the most essential stage of software development, as all the QA initiatives the save the time and money of the organization in finding bugs faster and more efficiently. Given below are the 4 technology trends that will continue to robust software testing in the year 2018 and beyond.

Seamless Integration of Agile and DevOps

The key principle of the DevOps ideology is that each and every department of the IT companies must collaborate seamlessly. The emerging trends in the field of software development will also continue to shift towards left for the quality engineering where testing will turn out to be not just progressive but even iterative, and integrated with the app before beginning with the process.

Big Data is here to stay, and it will be huge!

We have now reached the pinnacle of the huge mountain of big data. Thus, it calls for an efficient strategy while testing with big data. Testing the database generally requires high analytics tool, techniques, followed by the frameworks.

Impact of GDPR in Testing

With GDPR is a reality now, all the companies dealing with consumers’ data must ensure the privacy of the data. Likewise, even for software testing, the testing company must run regular audits to confirm the GDPR compliance of the test data. Adhering to the GDPR framework, and with digital disruption, it is highly important that no real or live data is compromised on its privacy and security while performing a testing process. 

AI for Smart & Connected Devices

AI is here! It is here to rule the software testing trends in 2018 and beyond. Everyone is focusing their efforts into AI, and software testing is not different. From developing a humanoid to connected smart devices, AI has taken over everywhere. Thus, it has entered into software testing industry too.

Embracing New Technology

The new technologies like SOA, cloud, IOTs and mobile testing  are getting popular and will gain more popularity in coming years. According to a study conducted in the year, 2017 showed that mobile testing will continue to see a major rise from 31 percent to 55 percent in 2018. And by 2018 almost 36 percent of the software applications will be hosted in the cloud, but the businesses will still lack the necessary infrastructure for cloud testing. This might even cause the businesses to go ahead and opt for TaaS (testing as a service) option.

More Focus on Security

The system robustness and security has always turned out to be a top priority. But with the growth of social media and mobility, the need for software that could be integrated into various platforms are turning out to become more vulnerable. There is also a pressing need in order to ensure enhanced security particularly in applications who are handling sensitive kind of a data. This is what is causing QA to focus more on security testing.

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