Top Five Features That You Should Look For In Your E-Commerce Platform

When it comes to creating an online retail website for your upcoming business, you must look into a lot of factors before choosing a platform to create it. The market is replete with many platforms and this makes it difficult for you to choose one. There are many desirable features of an e-commerce platform that need to be considered. Your choice should not merely be governed by a platform being open source and free to download. Although this fact is a clear advantage because you save a lot of money, there are scores of other features that an e-commerce website building platform must offer. Before choosing your platform, you should ask yourself these questions:

What are the SEO tools that come with it?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the basic criteria that must be fulfilled by any e-commerce platform. For example, if a website is created and designed using Magento development tools, then the website automatically gets SEO friendly links, monitored reviews, the possibility of watermarking, resizing images, automatic and popular search terms etc. These features are vital for improving a website’s search rankings and always keeping them on top of search results.

Does the platform give the admin complete website control?

As the admin, you should have a complete control over your website. This includes the provision of completely customisable designs, availability of language tools, possibility to make tax calculations, ability to control software-generated login attempts, and the ability to share selective information. These features help the admin to manage the website in an efficient and hassle-free manner.

How fast will your website load and function?

Websites that load and function quickly are much more popular than others. Therefore, a key requirement for your e-commerce platform is to design websites that are fast to load and fast to function. For example, websites designed using Magento development software and tools have one of the fastest loading times. This feature directly translates into higher sales and growth of the business.

Will the website be compatible with other devices?

The ideal e-commerce platform will keep in mind that the websites made on them should be compatible for viewing on different devices like laptops, mobile phones and desktops. At the same time, the resolution should not be compromised and all features of the website must be available on all devices. Having this feature gives the business an edge over others.

How will the checkout and shipping tools work?

Checkout and shipping tools are of paramount importance for a retail website. Therefore, having features like user registration, fast checkout, options of saving items, creating wish lists, integration with payment gateways, SSL (secure socket layer), information on taxes, break up of the total cost, integration with shipping parties etc. is highly desirable. Websites that are built with platforms like Magento development tools have these features.

Although it is very easy to create a customised e-commerce website, people tend to overlook the fine features of e-commerce platforms. The above-mentioned features are highly desirable for an online retail store and the e-commerce platform you choose should provide these.

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