Tips for Choosing a Professional Domain Name

By following these tips (and taking a little inspiration and luck), you’ll get a friendly name for Google. This helps a lot in SEO. Warning: Do not start your work by registering a free domain, it is NOT reliable.

Make possible combinations with keywords

From the moment you have a base of words that describe your content, start making assemblies. Think about how people would search on Google for the subject. There are some words that are very used in names of websites such as “portal”, “site”, “blog”, “tips”, among others.

You can use these words to create combinations of names like “animal tips” (this one has a double letter problem). You can also make combinations with more than one word of the subject addressed or with puns. Examples: “mybelongedpet”, “animalism” or “mypet”.

Do not make combinations with more than three words. It will be almost impossible for someone to type the name of your site.

There are some sites that create combinations of words. Two good services are and

Check if the domain is registered

Once you’ve created a list of possible names for your site (really have a large list), it’s time to check if domain is available. It will be an exercise in patience, because the vast majority of the names you thought should already be registered.

Important information, if a website is not available with .com then at least, register with .net or .org. Sites with custom domains like .org, .art are easily forgotten by people. Of course if you do not want to spend money on domain and hosting, you can register in WordPress or Blogger.

You can also use this service to see if the domain is registered. Test all of your alternatives and see which ones are available.

Plan B – Short, creative names

Short names are easier to remember, but they do not help much at the time of the searches. It goes a lot with your site proposal. Using acronyms can be an option.

Another thing that can be used is misspelled words. An example: instead of trying to register “”, you try “” or “ “. Even if that’s the decision, go back to step 1 and make the most of tips to make the site Google friendly. Success!

Avoid something very similar that can compete with other domain names, and make sure you do not violate another person’s trademark.

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