Three of the Most Popular PC Games in 2016

Got too much time and not enough games to play? Why not fire up your trusty PC and play the greatest games of 2016? Here are some suggestions for you to start off your 20-hour PC marathon session:

Forza Horizon 3

The Forza Horizon franchise was long ago an exclusive domain for the Xbox. But now, we get to experience all its glory on the PC, thanks to Microsoft’s launching of the Xbox Play Anywhere in 2016. The program has put some of the best Xbox games onto the PC platform, and Forza Horizon 3 is one of them.

Forza Horizon 3 is undoubtedly better played on the PC as compared to its native console. Additional eye candy options such as 4k resolution and the silky smooth 144 frames per second add to the overall Forza experience. If you’ve ever played any of the Forza games on the Xbox then you’ll be instantly at home. The soundtrack is excellent and the racing is top-notch. Tour around real world locations on your fully customized Lamborghini, or head on over to a plethora of multiplayer options that will keep you competing up until the wee hours of the morning. Move over Need For Speed and Burnout, there’s a new race king in town.


The XCOM series is known for having a very unforgiving gameplay. Get help from and get the latest cheats and hacks to power through your favorite games.

The sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown is big, bad and it’s just as hard as the original game. XCOM 2 easily ranks among the top turn-based strategy games of 2016. You’ll wonder where the time went as soon as you open the game on your PC. Part of the game is customizing your soldier only to have it die on his or her first encounter. And this is on the easiest setting, by the way. That’s what makes XCOM 2 such a charmer!

You’ll want to play it on the harder settings as soon as you finish the main campaign. The timer-based missions may put off some players, while becoming a godsend for some. If you’re used to playing on easy mode and having your way through all the missions without seeing the “Game Over” sign, then XCOM 2 may not be for you. The randomness of gameplay and the almost endless soldier customization options help XCOM 2 rather than hurt it. Overall, a must-play PC game.


A 2016 shooter that touts online multiplayer modes, Overwatch has exploded in popularity ever since it came out for the PC around 9 months ago. Blizzard is the company who created the game, and you’ll be sure to get the same level of attention to detail and polished gameplay as with their other AAA game titles Starcraft and the Diablo series.

The diverse character roster, different abilities, play styles and holiday-themed events keep things from getting boring. Who would get bored playing with thousands of players online? Individual skill helps win one-on-one shootouts, but it’s the team play that wins the match. You can literally win the game for your team without ever firing a single shot. Old gamers will have a lot to love about this strategy shooter game since you need both smarts, skills and reflexes to win a match.

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