The Tricky Tablet Decision: Which One To Ask Santa For?

Tablet devices are sure to find their way onto a lot people’s Christmas lists this year, mine included, as thousands of us cross our fingers and hope to unwrap a piece of the latest technology from underneath the tree. But with so many different tablets on the market, most of which provide different functions for different people, which one should you go for?

Whilst there have been basic incarnations of the tablet computer for many years now; it was the introduction of Apple’s IPad that set the standard in the modern era when it was released in 2010. Since then, every big technology company in the world has made an attempt to get a slice of this lucrative market and the result is great for tech fans.

So with plenty to choose from, what’s the best tablet to ask for this Christmas?

The Google Nexus 10 –

As soon as tablets took off around the world, it didn’t take Google long to get in on the act. Manufactured by fellow technology giants Samsung, the Nexus 10 is easily one of the best tablets available on the market today. Its high definition display and smooth operating system will appeal to people that love to stream things straight to their hand-held device and Android fans will be glad to find a tablet that finally shows off the operating system in all its glory. The only downside is that there is no memory card slot for extra storage capabilities.

Price – Circa £300

Will Appeal Most To – Movie Buffs

Sony Experia Tablet Z –

After spending many years beavering away on its smartphones, Sony has decided to step into the world of tablet devices with aplomb. The Experia Z also has a 10 inch display, is again operated using the android system and is one of the lightest tablets available. The main plus points include the speed of the processor, the general look of the graphics on display and the fact that it is water resistant. The screen may not be quite as sharp as the Nexus 10 but this device still packs a hell of a punch.

Price – Upwards from £399

Will Appeal Most To – Those who like to play online games in the bath, but mainly everyone.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 –

For many people, the first Surface Pro left a lot to be desired. It was far louder than a tablet should ever be, got hot when used for any length of time and had a rather despairing battery life. However, these things have all been addressed with the Surface Pro 2; making it a much more covetable piece of kit. This device is great for the busy business person or for anyone who champions Windows over IOS and Android.

Also, the added extras, including a touch keyboard and a newly included kickstand, go a long way to giving it a big sense of style and practicality. The price is a lot more than most others on the market but then you are getting three computers in one.

Price – From £699

Will Appeal Most To – Those looking for a universal computing solution.

The IPad Air –

As you can see from the options above, the rest of the technology industry hasn’t taken Apple’s reign over the tablet world lying down, but Apple themselves have come back fighting with their latest offering. The newest IPad incarnation is thinner than ever (not quite as thin as the Experia Z though) and is lighter than…Air. The fact that the width has also been narrowed means that this is easily the most comfortable tablet to hold in one hand and gives practicality and style in abundance.

The screen is yet to receive an upgrade since the IPad 3 but this shouldn’t worry anyone as it is still a piece of cutting edge design. The performance is as slick and smooth as you would expect from any Apple device and the battery life far outlives that of other competitors. In short, most people can’t muster a bad word to say about this top of the range tablet.

Price – Staring at £312

Will Appeal Most To – Those who crave the latest technology.

In truth, you would be happy to find any of these tablets under the tree this Christmas as they all have their plus points. It just depends how much Santa is willing to spend and what you hope to mainly use the device for. One thing you can be sure of though is that technology PR companies like this will be spreading the word of the latest releases to keep us all informed of our options.

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