The best V-Day gift: A DTH connection

Surprise your significant other with the best gift for the home – an Airtel DTH connection. From premium TV viewing to Airtel DTH recharge, everything’s a breeze!

Who says love must be sappy? Sometimes, it can leap at you from your TV set.

Let us make ourselves clearer. It is Valentine’s Day, and the usual norm is to give your significant other an important gift. Some people propose marriage on this day. Others buy expensive jewellery. Still others send flowers and chocolates to their partner’s workplace. While some others whisk their partner away on a secret holiday.

But why should you do any of this? Chocolates, flowers, perfumes…they all fade away after a while. Your gift can be a practical one, where your partner thinks of you every time they use it. No, we’re not talking about getting them a car, we’re talking of something much less expensive and much closer to home.

On this V-Day, get your partner a new DTH connection for their TV.

Err…is this a good gift?

What’s not to like about getting a DTH connection as a gift? Everybody watches TV, and so does your partner. They might like select TV shows, or romantic comedies, or regional shows. Whatever they like, they watch either on their TV or mobile phone. Let’s face it – it’s not TV watching if you’re not watching TV on a DTH connection. A DTH connection offers HD TV at an affordable price, so watching movies and sports becomes doubly awesome.

So gifting your partner with a new DTH connection is not a radical idea, but a thoughtful one.

All you have to do is look for a good DTH provider like Airtel and place an order for a new connection. You can book a new DTH connection on the Airtel website, and the company suggests a good monthly pack for you and installs the connection at the earliest. Your significant other could have a new DTH connection just in time for V-Day – you can snuggle up on the couch together and watch a romantic comedy.

What happens next?

If the two of you live in the same house, then you might take over the duties for Airtel DTH recharge every month. Install the myAirtel app on your phone and do the Airtel DTH recharge quickly within seconds. You can also choose to change the pack at a later date, or add more channels to customise it further.

If your partner does not live with you, you can explain how the DTH system works and the date for Airtel DTH recharge. The myAirtel app on their phone will alert them to the recharge date, so there is less likelihood of missing the due date. They can choose to get a different pack from the one you chose for them, based on what they like.

Downloading the myAirtel app also gives them access to over 6,000 movies with Airtel Movies and premium curated TV content with Live TV on their phone.

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