The Benefits of Chrome Digital Signage

Relying on Google’s Chrome OS is a safe choice when considering digital signage services: a multitude of digital platforms and the security of a Chrome Device Management platform are some of the main reasons why their products are the most reliable on the current market. The fact that Chrome is owned and was created by the tech multinational Google is a guarantee in itself: secure encryptions, updates and sandboxing guarantee overall health for your devices and the browser’s notable speed is one of the key features of their digital signage. Utilizing specific quality software for these purposes is crucial: professional yet straightforward ones like NoviSign are often the best choices.  

The devices offered by Chrome OS for digital signage include the famous Chromeboxes, compact hardware machines that can be used for digital signage. The AOPEN ones, in particular, were made specifically for digital signage, making their performance incredibly efficient and powerful. Other pieces of hardware that can be used for Chrome digital signage include Chromebases (touch tablet devices) and Chromebits (small remote control-like devices that allow you to turn any screen into digital signs). It is also important to note that it is essential to obtain a Chrome Device Management License, which grants organisations the management of all their chrome devices, including their digital signage devices.

When it comes to software, however, it is important to make a choice that reflects the specific function of the digital signs. A simple and basic software like Chrome Sign Builder could be a reasonable choice for beginners, however, there are more professional options that are just as simple and intuitive in their functions. One of these is NoviSign Digital Signage Software, which uses an innovative layering design in order to appeal to beginners as well as professionals. The gradually more complex features that can be added to digital signs include audiovisuals, moving or static text and a number of widgets. NoviSign can be used with all the main digital signage devices by Chrome OS: Chromebit, Chromebox, Chromebase and Chromebook.

Whether it is for a corporation, business, education, retail, community, entertainment, conferences or advertising, digital signage has become a central part of today’s businesses and people’s everyday lives. Utilizing Chrome OS Digital Signage hardware is not simply a safe choice: it is the best one, as it guarantees constant speed, web security and protection, and a wide choice of type of machines, for any purpose or need. Combining these unique quality products to a good software like NoviSign is the perfect way to get the best out of digital signage devices, especially when the programs used balance professionality and simplicity, allowing any type of user to design their own signs through design elements and a great choice of more advanced widgets.


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