Smartphones Replacing Phablets or becoming one

There was a time when a marked difference existed between smartphones and tablets. With an incredible innovation of phablets, users were  baffled at the very fact of advances and variety. Straight away getting hold of these new creatures-Phablets-users paid no heed to the significance of this device in terms of its utility.

While a device’s utility and significance depends on the usage and requirement of the user, there is huge a tussle between smartphone and phablet and which is better. A number of features come with both smartphones and phablets, but, what makes them distinct and better from each other is discussed below. Let shed some light on how smartphones have taken over the place of phablets or even better, have gone beyond in terms of technology and usage. Here are few points that will give you a clear picture regarding which ones are better and why.


Long time back, when phones were just introduced in the markets, a number of people preferred a phone that could easily be tucked into their pocket. With this recent inclination towards big screen phones-phablets became the most sought after devices. However, one thing that must be realised when going for a smartphone shopping is that whether a phablet or a smartphone would be a smarter choice in the long run. Essentially, a larger sized phone is not handy and workable for many. While size might not be the issue for some, however, the physical weight is just not a pocket-friendly (not in terms of money) feature of the phablet. Hence, a portable smartphone with a moderately large screen might be better option.


It is often argued that phablets possess a range of features that are much better than what are offered in smartphones. However, that might not be the case always. While, it is true to some extent that some phablets are the best flagships of a brand, however, there are  phablets which can’t even match up to the level of smartphones. Hence, working with generalizations in the arena of technology is not at all a good idea. As there are  a variety of smartphones which offer much better features, which are just more nifty than a large screen.


Phablets mostly fall in the expensive category, which are beyond the reach of the masses. Considering them better (some are), users agree to pay a pretty lavish amount to own the device. However, what is believed to be of little importance, is that mostly users are paying a high amount for just a large screen. This is not to say that phablets are not equipped with good features, but, an undeniable fact is that one can get the same features in a decently priced and moderately sized smartphone. Believe it or not, smartphones prove more helpful than a phablet.

Apart from enhancing your virtual experience, they do a lot for you. Keeping you ahead of others and time, smartphones ensures that you keep up with the anything that might pop up in the last moment and that too anywhere. Name a task and smartphones will perform them as good or even better than  phablets!

This decade is witness to the growth of technology at its peak, hence, a lot of brands come in the market each year. While getting your hands on a good smartphone is an imperative task, owning a good brand is even more crucial a task. In this booming market of smartphones, it is almost impossible to find a smartphones that does it all, adding to this is the need for a reliable brand. Hence, brand like Panasonic India OnePlus, Samsungare one of the most credible source to obtain good smartphones.

Phablets are still in a way around but in a new form of technology. Many smartphones are presenting themselves with big and humongous display screens, keeping the phablets era but without the demerits of it.

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