Sky Sports Packages With Bundled Broadband

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Most of us choose the bundled TV provider that we want because of the TV offering.  If you’re a man that probably means you choose your package based on the offering of sports available.

There are a variety of options and these include Sky Sports through Virgin Media, Sky Sports through BT Vision, and Sky Sports through Sky itself.  We’ll have a look at these options but first of all let’s have a look at the broadband of the three providers.

Broadband Compared

Virgin Media certainly has the fastest broadband with their 30MBps package and other higher speeds.  Some of their packages actually provide speeds above their advertised rate according to Ofcom.  They are the fastest of any provider in the market; however, they do have limits that you should be aware of.

They will throttle speeds if users are consuming heavily. They will prioritise traffic through their traffic management policies and the reality is that unlimited broadband through Virgin Media is not unlimited.

With BT, there is the Infinity network that is rolling around the country.  Currently around 60% of homes can get on their fibre optic broadband, which is fast with 38 and 76MB connections.  The performance is comparable to Sky, although generally there have been complaints by many customers about the customer service offered by BT.  However, BT’s broadband is now better than it was.  The ADSL offering is up to around 17MBps so all in all, a pretty good broadband offering.

Sky is one of the few providers that offer truly unlimited broadband with no restrictions.  This is refreshing and for many is a great pull.  You can stream, watch online TV, and do just about anything you want to your heart’s content.

Around 30% of the country currently have access to the Sky fibre offering, and speeds on the company’s ADSL offering are claimed to go up to 14MBps; although I just did a Sky speed test and my connection is over 19MBps.

Sky Sports Through BT Vision Plus

Watching through BT Vision Plus requires a BT Vision Plus box and a sports package.  If you get this however you will not be able to get YouView.  If you are one of the lucky ones in the BT Infinity area, you can get all the live Sports which includes UEFA Champions League, La Liga, 115 Barclays Premier League games. You’ll even be able to get on to ESPN and a designated BT Sports channel. which will be coming sometime in the summer of 2013.

Virgin Media and Sky Sports

Ofcom made a ruling in 2011 which made Sky cut the price they charge their competitors for access to Sports packages.  Sports through Sky TV packages are available on Sky Media for an extra £22.50 per month upwards.  This will include Sky Sports 1, 2, 3, and 4 and F1 but not ESPN.  ESPN is available for £8 a month on top of the subscription but on the highest package it is free.

Sky Sports on Sky

Sky has been a sports broadcaster since 1992.  Their channels include Sky Sports 1, 2, 3, and 4, Sky Sports F1, and Sky Sports News.  You can get all the channels for £21 a month or £31 a month including ESPN.  Sky Sports News is a terrific channel, and you can even watch on Sky Player for free, so you can access on your tablet, or laptop, or smartphone anywhere you go.

Summary and Conclusion

Overall, Sky Sports has it for me.  The broadband is truly unlimited, and you get access to Sky Sports News.  Certainly, the other offerings are good and the broadband from Virgin Media is fast.  But if you can get on to fibre broadband with Sky, or even just good ADSL, then the experience through Sky Sports is excellent.

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