Samsung Galaxy S9 will feature best specification

In terms of Sound, there have been no improvements in the Galaxy S series. Since, the launch of Galaxy S7 and S8 the sound is at a good level, but we are setting hope from Galaxy S9 to bring best out of a smartphone.

With the same “ears” to tell the difference between the Galaxy S8, S7 and iPhone is difficult. Presumably, changes in this area compared to last year’s flagship not. This means the default smartphone from Apple shows little richer “lower classes”, but the equalizer will help to neutralize the difference. External speaker seemed to us a bit quieter than the previous model. Perhaps the level of the maximum volume slightly trimmed to avoid unpleasant rattle and other distortions. Whatever it is, the sound has become quieter, but somehow softer, clearer. Call you will hear, but to show off to your friends loud speakers cannot. So, Samsung needs a serious loud speaker in Galaxy S9.

As for the fingerprint sensor, the differences from the Galaxy S7 we did not find. Even then, the scanner reacted instantly and accurately. The only pity is that Samsung has not made the sensor so that it worked in the newer Sony smartphones – not after you press the button, and the only one to touch her. Here, the sensor operates on the same principle as in the iPhone: it is necessary to press the button and hold it a few moments to unlock the screen and fingerprint reader works at the best speed for Galaxy S9.

Already in the Galaxy S7 has been set an excellent photo module. It’s successor is replaced 16 MP, but got the pixels bigger, increasing sensitivity. The advantage over the competition today, you can get through the quality of the photos in some unfavorable conditions the camera. For example, in low light conditions, the last few generations of Galaxy S models boast just good shot at dusk. Imagine, the new Sony Sensor in Galaxy S9 will bring better results.

Well, Galaxy S8 as it lightens the image, making it captured objects in general pronounced. Photo taken on the iPhone 6, much darker, but the clarity is better. If Samsung wants to win over iPhone photo features, then need a serious work for Galaxy S9 as well. In other cases, the novelty from Samsung leaves the competition far behind. This year we will have to test many more smartphones, but surpass the Galaxy S8 it will be difficult. Subjectively, today it is one of the best “camera phone”, if not the best. In any case, the iPhone has no chance – pictures taken with the Galaxy, is much clearer.

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