Revolutionary Impact of Internet on Individuals

What is Internet these days? Internet is just everywhere. Without internet, it has almost become impossible to imagine life. It has taken a huge toll in the lives of the individuals. It has become a part and parcel of our lives. Irrespective of the age, gender and region, internet is just everywhere. It has opened up avenues everywhere to communicate with people across the globe. It has brought a huge transformation in the lives of the individuals. We will discuss about the revolutionary impact of Internet on individuals.

Humanity has felt the huge transformation of the technological change in the last few decades with the advent of internet. It is often reported that the over usage of Internet has imposed a huge risk in the lives of individuals in terms of alienation from society. Also, it is making people isolated as well. But how far do you think it’s true? Don’t you feel that the development of internet has brought people closer? It has provided ample opportunity to interact with people of various nations with just a click in a few seconds. Let’s learn about the positive impact of internet here.

Positive Impact of Internet on Individuals

Today’s society is also dubbed as the “network society”. Digitalization has brought about some of the socio cultural changes in the lives of the individuals. The society has become more of “Me centric”. But, this isn’t lethal. Rather the “Me centric” approach has brought about an increased focus on the growth and prosperity of the individuals. And, this concept of individuation will not lead to isolation at all. Considerably, it is helping in cultivating social relationships based on personal preferences, likings, values and interest. The quest for similar thoughts and like mindedness has led to the development of social interaction in the cyberspace to a huge extent. Social media has become a huge platform in facilitating this concept. Students, working professionals and even aged individuals have become an active member of this digitalization. The internet providers have provided several special internet plans as well for facilitating the growth of internet in the lives of the individuals. These include the couple plan, student internet plans and many more. The virtual life is becoming more real than the real life.

Negative Impact of Internet on Individuals

If we try to figure out the negative impacts of internet, we can say that all the information provided in the internet is definitely not authenticated and genuine. Also, there has been an increase in the Trojans, viruses, hacking and phishing across the net.  The personal life has become a bit publicised and the privacy of the individuals is endangered to a certain extent. And too much of addiction is causing a tremendous problem in the social, personal and professional lives of the individuals to a huge extent.

Though there are negative impacts of internet on individuals, the positive ones outnumber the negative ones extensively. And thus, internet has become highly successful in revolutionizing the lives of the individuals in the world of digitalization to a huge extent.

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