Reduce Your Cooling Costs This Summer With These Amazing Tips And Tricks!

Air conditioning units are no longer considered as a luxury. In fact, it is becoming very common in every home. Most of the urban homes have air conditioners even in multiple rooms. However, owning it means that you have to pay increased energy bills too. While cooling indeed takes lot of electricity, there are some effective steps that can help you get it down.

Maintaining right temperature for air conditioners is the key here. Plus, investing in the best quality Lloyd air conditioning unit is very important to ensure its efficient working.  The following are some of the other ways too that can help you fight against increased air conditioning costs.

Install programmable thermostats

The programmable thermostats cut down the energy use by adjusting the temperatures when you are asleep or not present. You can even program them by yourself or invest in the one that can adapt to your temperature preferences.

According to a study, it was shown that over 10% savings can be ensured by adjusting temperature by 7-10 degrees for around eight hours in a day. Thus, programmable thermostats have the ability to automate the entire process.

Replace air filters

Air filters ensure smooth running of your HVAC system. It does this by preventing the dust from blocking the vents and thereby promotes air circulation. If these filters get dirty, your air conditioning system will need to work hard in order to circulate air.

You will require replacing these filters for every few months or even more in case you have kids or pets. Fortunately, air filters are easy to switch and cheap.

Invest in solar panels

Solar panels are usually installed on the roofs that make use of energy of sun to power your home. It can highly reduce the cooling costs. The overall price of installing the solar panels will depend on several factors including whether they are leased or brought, and so forth. Plus, the amount that you will save on your bill will greatly depend on the usage of your system.

Air conditioning servicing

It is crucial to hire a reputable and reliable contractor to service your AC system. It will allow efficient working of your system. As a part of servicing, they must also clean the outdoor coils, check out the voltage connections, and ensures that refrigerant is at appropriate levels. It is one of the best ways to get an energy saving chart of your home you have always wanted!

Reduce the amount of sunlight indoors

Sunlight streaming in via windows can raise temperature of your house. So, blocking it can calm this effect. Moreover, planting shade trees outside your house or windows can curb the encroaching sunlight while the curtains or blackout shades are another cost effective option.

Another smart option here is to seal your windows. If the windows are sealed poorly, it can make your AC system work even harder. Cracks or leaks as well as weather stripping your windows will definitely prevent the cool air from leaking out of windows.

So, what are you waiting for? Summer is here, isn’t it? Be ready for it and don’t let high energy bills raise your temperature by following the above tips!

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