React JS Training For Professionals

With Single Page Applications fast becoming popular across platforms and industries, more and more industry experts are turning towards React JS for developing. React JS is supported by Facebook. Essentially, it is a view library that helps you develop dynamic frontend applications. This library comes stocked with great features like data binding, component architecture, universal apps, and declarative views.

React JS allows for the development of Single Page applications with lesser code and hence lesser maintenance costs. This ensures quicker and larger ROI for businesses. Zeolearn offers participants a course to better understand the beginner and intermediate applications of React.

What The Course Is About

The React JS course is split into 18 modules. Participants will first be given a Primer on EST5 and its various capabilities after which they will be then introduced to React. You will then move on to learning how to create templates using JSX. The fourth module focuses on Components and their various functions. You will move on to learning how to work with state and props.

The next few modules work with understanding and focusing on rendering lists, handing Events, understanding the component lifecycle, working with forms, and routing with the react router. Participants will then be taught about Redux and its capabilities.

In the case of immutable data structures, you will be taught how to work with Immutable.js. The course then moves on to a significant area which its unit testing with React. Participants will be taught about the various new features in React JS and also how to do a server-side render using React.

Key Takeaways

The React JS training offers several key features that participants will be experts in soon. At the end of the training you will be able to understand the fundamentals of React.js and how it is different from other frameworks. You will also have a keen insight into the various components of React.js, JSX and the Flux architecture. You will also have the necessary tools to build complex user interfaces having a unidirectional data flow with React.js. Participants will also be taught the best React.js practices and how to use them to build state-of-the-art apps that work efficiently for businesses.

Why Zeolearn

Zeolearn prides itself on its fully fleshed out courses and their highly experienced trainers to lead said courses. The React.js course is over 24 hours long and is headed by instructors who have had years of actual work experience. Participants are expected to develop and build an RIA application which will also be a live industry project. This will be done under the expert guidance and mentorship of the instructors. At the end of the project, participants will be awarded a certification in React JS. Learn from a leading tech education provider, recognized globally, those with certifications are considered highly trained professionals across industries by various businesses. Earning your React JS training certification from Zeolearn guarantees employers that you as an employee are professionally trained to equip and handle all the functions of React JS efficiently and effectively, thus increasing your chances of being hired.

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