Oppo F3 Plus: Your next selfie expert

After recently tweeting through their official Twitter handle, Oppo has made users all the more excited about its upcoming launch of the F3 plus, selfie expert. Oppo F3 Plus price in India is expected to be somewhere between RS 28, 000 to Rs 30, 000. The most likely figure being considered is Rs 29, 999. What the actual price is will be revealed on the 23rd of March, when the mobile is launched in India, and is available in stores near you. You must be wandering what is so special about F3 Plus that has not been delivered in the previously launched Oppo devices?

Oppo F3 Plus not only delivers something that none of Oppo’s previously launched mobiles have provided, but also what is provided by only two other handsets. And this is none other than the most awaited dual camera features. Oppo has always advertised its phones as the ones with amazing camera quality, and thus being the best choice for all the selfie lovers. So depriving those of the great feature with Oppo F3 Plus price in India just didn’t seem possible. All about the phone and its classic selfie camera has been explained below.

Dual Selfie Camera – We were used to experiencing a single front and rear camera in our Smartphone, then iPhone 7 came in with a dual selfie camera. That provided a primary front camera, along with a secondary front camera, adjacent to it, to capture a wider depth of field.  After iPhone, Vivo V5 Plus was one of the first Android mobiles to launch this feature, and now Oppo F3 Plus price in India is providing you with this feature. It is thus only the second Android mobile, after Vivo to bring this dual selfie camera feature to you.

Through the use of this feature, you can not only focus on the object right in front of the camera, but also on what is not in the foreground. Oppo F3 Plus price in India provides users with a 16 MP main front camera, and an 8 MP sub front camera. Both the cameras work together to give you the best selfies, thus being the selfie expert for a lot of you.

Bokeh Effect – This is the exclusive kind of camera feature that is provided only by a dual selfie camera, and is precisely what dual selfie cameras are famous for. When you make use of the primary front camera, to limit your focus on one particular object and the other objects are left focused, or unfocused, using the secondary front camera, the effect produced is called the bokeh effect. This is exclusive to dual front camera devices, and Oppo F3 Plus price in India is one of the few phones providing this effect to you. And this is primarily what makes this device a selfie expert, the one you should opt for.

By making use of a dual selfie camera, you can give your selfies a whole new definition and meaning. You must have clicked a lot of selfies, but through this technique, you can produce images with the kind of effect, you have never seen before. Bokeh effect is the effect which is provided by high end cameras used specifically for the purpose of shooting and have only recently been used in mobiles. The most recent being Oppo F3 Plus price in India. Although you can make use of the effect in Vivo V5 Plus as well, in-fact with an even better camera quality, 20 MP and 8 MP front cameras, but the screen in that device is not as big as the one in Oppo F3 Plus.

Verdict Oppo F3 Plus price in India is not too much, keeping in mind all the features provided. This phone has a screen size of 6 inches, and a screen resolution of 1080 X 1920 pixels. The RAM is placed at 4 GB with an internal storage capacity of 64 GB. The processor of the device is an equally powerful octacore Snapdragon 653, which can provide you with the kind of speed that is not only fast but will also allow for efficient and lag free performance, which is precisely what we are always looking for in our mobile devices.

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