New Technologies In Hero Bikes

 Hero Bikes is a popular brand name when we enter into the market of the two-wheeler industry in India. Hero has a variety of models that are coming in the market, and each varies in the aspects of design and technology used in them. The hero is continuously used to developing new technologies in their models, recently the added to their new hero bikes. Those improvements are as followed-

  • In-house 110CC TOD, the full form of that is (torque-on-demand) engine- It gives, ‘on demand’ to every wheel drive capability. The TOD helps in a situation of controlling of the rear wheel drive which helps in the movement in all kinds of terrain.
  • The hero is also working on street fighter styling- It means sports bike look, where the engine is visible.

These qualities are to be seen in their all-new splendour I- smart 110, which will be Hero’s first in-house made, entirely by their research and development team.

Future projects

In a press release, they even told some of their concepts for their future hero bikes which will have the following qualities in them.

  • The Rear monosuspension- which will have more, capability to absorbs shock
  • Advanced safety features, ABS- it protects the engine.
  • Exterior will consist of cheetah design which makes the bike appeared more sporty and youthful. Footrace along with a muffler cover at the bottom which determines the heaviness at the base, it helps in making the motorbike look more formidable feel.
  • The temperature will be brought back to normal by an air-cooler, single cylinder, four-stroke 200cc engine, the bike would deliver a max. Power of 18.6 PS at 8500 rpm and max torque of 17.2 Nm at 6000 rpm.
  • A 5-speed gearbox

Hero also understands that along with the development of the technology we can also save nature, where 20% of pollution in cities, are caused by the automobiles. We need to design such bikes that are environmentally friendly. The hero will be launching its whole new series of hero bikes that will be electronic bikes. It will be white with the elegant green design. It will have all the features of future mobility and can save our current resources to a great extent.

Hero Bikes are coming with new models, by 2018 and 2019 year all the bikes with new technology will be out for its fans to have these bikes. With each press release Hero releases something new bigger and better in bikes and their two-wheelers. Many of their bikes are customizable like the weight can reduce which will be increasing the pickup of the bike and even.

Some new features are also going to be updated like in many models, with an engine power of 9bhp to 11bhp and add new graphics to the exterior. Soon hero bikes will have a disc brake in all of their models. Not just the bikes but because of many complaints against the customer care services, the hero will also be improving its customer care services that will be benefiting the hero bikes users.

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