Most Promising Mobile Applications Helping You Stay Productive

Smartphones are called smarter because not only that the users are smart, but also because of the fact that these phones feature some of the smartest applications that can help you in the most unimaginable ways. Just put the navigator and compass key on, and you know where your destination is. Now, there is something more interesting to this smart gadget.

 Have you ever thought of knowing how much you deliver in an hour or so? If not, then use these mobile applications and find out how productive as well as organized you can be.

  • Productivity challenger

Saying ‘it is impossible’ is the easiest thing to do, but making possible the impossible gives entirely different kind of high. Productivity challenger app allows you to list down the project names you are associated with and also lets you fix the target time of completion. So, if an activity is repetitive, set the timer to a shorter duration next time. Isn’t it a nice way to deliver the time-pressed assignment in a better manner?

  • Forest

We all are addicted to checking smartphones in the middle of task. This does affect the performance adversely. Forest is an app that gives you a pretext to focus on your task better. Here, you sow a seed and start your work. The seed continues to grow into a plant if you stick to your work and the moment you leave it in between, the seed withers away.

  • Rescue time

Where did my time vanish? If you are stuck with the same question, just install this app on your smartphone and keep track of time you spent on voice calls, texts, internet usage and other time-killers which are considered cool but have nothing to do with productivity.

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