Modern Cyprus web design

If you want to start on your own at building a website and making them look modern and really futuristic, it is always smart to look at the industry and see what kind of design trends are going on. You can later implement them on your website. The design is changing through years. You have to keep up with the biggest companies that are investing millions for their design to be perfect. With some research and studying, everyone can manage to create a perfect web design for their business, portfolio, or anything related to it.

There are many ways for creating a great website. Modern design is trying to make everything as simple as it can be, so with new programs and possibilities, the work will be easier if you have the whole idea in your head. Meaning that implementation will be not that hard.

Minimalistic design

One thing that has been the trend for a couple of years, but still going on is minimalistic design. This can be seen at the most popular websites like Apple, which is one of the first that made such a simple but beautiful design. If you want to check some of the most popular minimalistic designs, click here. When they say the less is more, for web design that is true. When you land on a website, you don’t want to be overwhelmed and don’t know where to start from.

The minimalistic look, they take you straight to the point, and people know what are they actually doing at the website, not just surfing around to find out what are they looking for. Just a few large images that lead to somewhere else if you click on them are a perfect start. If you want to leave it to professionals, website design Cyprus is one of great options.

What they added to the modern look is grid layout. Breaking down the layout into grids is something that major companies are implementing in their design. Check some of the best tutorials for when to use grid layout, and how to make them. Grids are with a minimalistic look, just a tittle, one sentence and an image. Usually they are separate into two sections, if you want to do it in more, it will look crowded.


Another trend is to set up cinemagraphs on images. They are not an image or a video, it is something in between. If you have a product and you set the image of it on the website, you can implement a short clip on the product, so people can see how it functions, not like on commercials, just simple slide lookalike clip. If you want to make your own cinemagraph, and don’t know how to do it, visit

Some skilled designers like to add what is called parallax effect. There are a number of creative ways to use the principle of parallax to create an interesting feature on your webpage. The parallax effect is what we get when we have a perspective in 3D space when movement is introduced to the observational experience. When you learn more about it, it isn’t such a difficult thing to make, go to for more information.

Web animation is something that is becoming very popular. A wide variety of colors, fonts with animation are very nice looking design. There is no main menu, and layout becomes more interactive with visitors. There are max 2 buttons per page and designers have chosen a simple design to go with the animation.Here are some great animation designs you can check out.

Horizontal scroll

If you want your website to be different than others, there is a very simple way to do it. It is becoming a trend these years, and it gives a different experience to users. The horizontal scroll is a well-thought change from regular websites. Instead of the common website where you are just scrolling down all the time, with this type of design when you scroll the pages change horizontally, but to keep the track where you are, just implement a bar on the bottom that shows on which page you are. If you are a programmer that is looking for horizontal scroll codes, visit the best teaching website for coding. If you want to check some websites in action, click here.Add some simple animation to the pages and you will get something that is different from others. A great tip is to have maximum 6 to 7 scroll pages.

Background videos

Before internet speed was too low for videos to be implemented on the websites. As fast as they become, more adjustments are being made by designers. From just putting videos from Youtube, or a box video, now videos are in the background on the main page. Click here to check out how to implement your background video. If you have a slow internet speed webpage will be slow for you, but now it’s just for the minority of users. Videos are usually shaded, or blurred only on the main page. It interacts more with customers giving a different experience, it is more pleasant for the eye, so a short shaded video in the background is very appealing. A great thing to do is to take pictures from the video and as a user scrolls through the site, visually connects the dots. This type of design is more compact and in a perfect structure. As the speed of web pages and users internet speed is increasing, this designing method will be more used. Check out some cool designs on


Web design is rapidly changing through years and the speed of web pages available now is giving more room for improvement. If you want to make a great website, first you need to research a lot, and you can start from here. Designers are relying more on moving images, or videos that are specifically designed for websites. Simple changes like horizontal scrolling have a big impact on the way we look at the optimization. Because there are many companies that are working on web design, competition is very big, so they must be innovative, unique, and impressive.

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