Is Email Blast Still Effective?

Email Blast

The internet is now the focal point for marketers to advertise their products and services online. It is a perfect platform to attract potential customers without doing door-to-door promotions, using only emails and pages for promotion. One of the related strategies using email is email blast marketing.

What is an Email Blast?

Email blast is a type of marketing strategy where in marketers send emails to a large group of recipients.

It’s similar to an email newsletter as they are both used to engage potential customers using the same medium. An email newsletter is like the conventional newsletter, but the mode of transmission is through email. The business gathers a list of prospect customers that may have interest in the product or service. Many people view it as a spam, but that is not the case if the goal of the email blast campaign is to add value to the audience.

Pros and Cons of Email Blast

Email blast is like any other marketing strategies out there—it has pros and cons:

  • Availability and Accessibility for the Potential Customers

There are circumstances wherein the email blast can be a pro or a con. For example, email blast can be a pro if they send it to people who have reliable connectivity to the internet and/or always accesstheir emails. This enables the potential customer to easily and immediately access the email.

Email blast can be a con if the case is otherwise—the target audience is not into accessing their emails and opening newsletters sent their way.

  • Gathering of Potential Customers (Pro)

As stated above, email blast can be sent to thousands of people. Although people tend to ignore emails sent by marketers, there still are chancestogather potential customers.

One way that marketers use to gather many potential customers is having short but detailed information and compelling subject lines. These features are known as Call-to-Action. Using call-to-action strategy and making powerful content could gather the attention of the prospective customers.

  • Information and Details (Pro)

Unlike other marketing strategies, email blast has more room for product information and details. The potential customer can easily access the company’s information without going through the hassle of contacting the company through phones.

  • Spamming (Con)

Spam are emails that are junk or useless. It shares similar features with email blast including bulk emails targeted at millions of people. However, spams are usually done randomly. On the other hand, a good email blast campaign is thoroughly set up to create powerful content and tap the right audience for maximum efficacy.

  • Identity Safety (Con)

There is no assurance that the email blast sent to the potential customers is safe and free of identity theft. Some usually use the information that the potential customers have filled out in their surveys and polls.

  • Effectiveness and Reliability (Con)

Although once considered as effective and reliable, email blast is now considered as one of the most ineffective marketing strategies. Due to the changing times and the rise of other more effective tactics, the effectiveness and reliability of the email blast has reduced.

Effective or Not?

As stated above, email blast is no longer as effective as it was before. Due to the tough competition, marketers would always think of many ways to up their game. Although there are still many marketers that use email blast, its effectiveness is no longer at its peak. Unless the potential customers see something good or different with email blast, it would still remain as an outdated strategy.


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