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Awuoreve100 Information communication technology has made the world a global village and improved the quality of life for the people. One of the most important things that technology has greatly enhanced is business. Unlike in the past where doing business was limited by many factors like geographical differences and communication , today there is no barrier for anybody wishing to do business. In fact business can be done anywhere at any given time. Phone systems technology is a very important aspect in the daily life of any business minded person since it enhances effectiveness, reduces costs and makes the entire business world very convenient.

Advancement in phone system technology has brought about communication devices that are not just used for calling and receiving but also doing many other things. In todays phone system technology it is not necessary even to carry bulky communication devices like computers or laptops since a mobile phone can effectively perform all the functions that initially were done by these devices. It would be correct to say that there is no business in the world today without mobile phone.

Importance of phone systems technology.

In order to understand their importance it is necessary to relate phone systems technology and business. Among the important things in business’s that have been enhanced by this technology include and are not limited to-;
*Communication;-this is where by buyers and sellers or supplies and manufactures are able to communicate. Through communication, sellers are able to meet supplies and negotiate for a business deal. This way they increase their sales volumes, makes more profits and enhances efficiency.

*Costs;-phone systems technology has greatly reduced the costs related to business .Such costs include those of movement from one place to another in such of a product. Today one needs to get the contacts of the possible manufactures or supplier and make a call from their comfort of their homes, or offices. The costs of making a call cannot be compared those that are incurred when moving from one place to another in such of information or products. Nowadays people are able to communicate even across different continents hence increasing market share.

*Time;- this is a very important factor in every business. Time calculated in monetary value is very expensive.Infact in business they say time is money and once it is wasted it is never recovered. Phone system technology has saved business men a lot of time such as where they have to do banking .Today , thanks to technology there is the mobile banking and all transitions relating to payments, bank transfers or even withdrawals are made from the comfort of their offices or even their homes. What’s more are that today business is actually done via phone and one does not necessarily need an office for that purpose. This greatly reduces the initial capital outlay in business hence making products affordable even for consumers or buyers. This means that phone system technology is not only useful to sellers but to buyers as well. There are many types of phones in the market today and therefore everybody can afford one of his or her preference depending on price or even standards.

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