IMEI Changer Pro

In Singapore you can terminate the contract with the carrier as soon as you need to but you get to pay a lot for breaking that promise.
Even if you fulfill all the conditions for an official SIM unlock the carrier will ask of you to provide an original IMEI code. This code is a must so that the unlocking service by the carrier can produce the rightful unlocking code. If you give them an IMEI that is not correct then the carrier’s technicians will stop attempting to unlock your device because you only have a limited amount of tries before you enter the correct SIM unlock code.

Another option is to try the hardware unlocking solution where you must buy some special parts from your mobile phone device, normally form some black market, and they you have to spend a significant amount of time studying how to use that hardware part you bought.

Someone else, who has more understanding of the computer work may do this for you as it is a bit complicated and not a task for the average computer users like you and me. Using this alternative to remove the network restrictions on one’s IMEI Changer Pro may lead to a permanent damage of your phone. At the very least you will lose your handset’s warranty and if some defect needs repairing you will have to pay for it out of your own pocket.

IMEI Changer Pro Code Generator

The third unlocking solution and alternative will be the IMEI Changer Pro Code Generator Application Tool. This tool requires nothing in return and gives everything only to remove the SIM lock off your IMEI Changer Pro as soon as possible and as efficiently as imaginable. Unlike the previous options, this SIM unlock alternative is absolutely free of charge. Anyone can download the application on their PC, laptop, and tablet or on their mobile phone device as well. The tool is easy to use and the only preparation you need is reading the short instructions which you will be able to see just below.

The free Unlock IMEI Changer Pro works too by using your phone’s IMEI number. With the modern software that it features, the IMEI Changer Pro Code Generator Application Tool can enter any carrier’s database and get any SIM unlock code of any Android smart phone device so long as the user has provided the correct IMEI code.

To make sure that the 15 digit number you have on a piece of paper or saved somewhere is truly the IMEI number you need go to SETTINGS- ABOUT PHONE and scroll down until you see the IMEI number of your IMEI Changer Pro.
When you have the exact IMEI of the IMEI Changer Pro you wish to unlock and the exact country and carrier you may start the unlocking procedure as soon as you wish. Make sure to read these instructions and be sure to stick to them:

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