How to choose the right video surveillance software

For entities such as corporate organizations and government institutions, video surveillance software aids in the first steps to security and protection. With the latest technological advancements both in software and hardware, risk mitigation and security management are becoming easier to understand as well as easier to control and tailor to specific needs. Qognify in particular is a multi-award winning Security Software Company that provides for the video surveillance needs of both public and private organizations.

Network structure efficiency

If your organization has been around for quite a while, you might still be using analog cameras instead of the newer IP cameras. With the right video management and video analytics provider, you won’t even have to replace your old cameras. You can choose IP video surveillance software that can incorporate old analog cameras into an IP network. Footage from analog cameras can be processed by axis video encoders, which can be accessed by a computer with video management software and even a home computer. The video footage can be stored in a secure location, such as a central computer server.

Effectiveness of detection

Your video surveillance software should come with effective video analytics that can help detect suspicious individuals, objects, or vehicles. These analytics should also be able to recognize suspects (with the help of a composite sketch, as well as live or recorded footage) in the shortest possible time. The effectiveness of your software can cut a significant amount of time spent on identifying suspects and pursuing them. It can also prevent theft as well as other threats to security.

Accuracy of search functions

When it comes to security efforts, time is a precious commodity. Whatever IP video surveillance software you use, it should offer an accurate and efficient search function that can deliver results as quickly as possible. The speed of this search function can both protect potential victims as well as prevent dangerous situations. With the right video surveillance software, you can do these things in a matter of minutes.

Ease of access

Video surveillance management and analytics should not be a one-size-fits-all deal. A good video surveillance management provider, like Qognify that offers the VisionHub VMS, will tailor the software and network to your needs, resources, and even the layout and architecture of your building. The provider you choose should be willing to work with different business partners in order to give you video surveillance management that has been tailored to your needs.

Cost-cutting capabilities

Good security measures can save you millions each year as well as improve your organization’s day to day operations. Efficient video managementshould be able to save you money spent on increased security, as well as greatly reduce untoward or dangerous situations. Investing in a good video security system can not only cut costs but also give you peace of mind that can lead to happier employees and better performances. The video surveillance software you choose should not only be worth its cost, but should also benefit you for the long term.

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