How to Choose High Converting Affiliate Offers: Pay Per Lead and Pay Per Sale Offers Both Convert Well

Many webmasters make lots of money with affiliate programs. At the same time, many more webmasters just waste their time with affiliate programs and make no money at all.

While affiliate programs can be the best way to monetize a site, if one doesn’t know how to select high converting affiliate offers, money will not pour in.

Well Targeted Offers Convert Better

It is obvious that if a webmaster wants his or her visitors to sign up for the Pay Per Lead programs he or she is an affiliate for or to buy the products from the Pay Per Sale offers, these offers must be of interest to the visitors. Choosing the right niche only is not enough, one has to promote internet marketing services to get better targeting.

For instance, there are many affiliate programs one can promote on a relationship site. These affiliate offers include dating sites, flowers, cosmetics, dieting, travel, dating and relationship eBooks, etc. While dating sites and dating and relationship eBooks might look like the obvious winner, this is not always so.

As surprising as it might seem, dieting and cosmetics can convert much better than dating sites. The explanation is very simple – if the major audience of the relationship site are women, especially if they are in a relationship, they will not be interested in joining dating sites, not to mention adult dating sites, the affiliate offerings for which are so abundant. In this case a dating site might be in the same niche as a relationship site but it is not well targeted to the audience.

Easy to Fill PPC Offers Make More Money

Good targeting is only one prerequisite for high conversion affiliate programs. The offer itself matters a lot. As a rule, easy to fill offers convert better. Email offers and zip offers, where users have to fill in only their email address/zip code deliver wonderful conversions. Even though email offers and zip offers generally pay less per lead than longer offers, it is possible to make more money with them.

Free Affiliate Programs Have Higher Conversions

In addition to being short, most email offers and zip offers have one more advantage – they are free. However, many longer and free offers still convert well. PPC Reseller Program where users have to pay for something pay more but their conversions are times lower. Also, even if the offer doesn’t involve a purchase but users are requested to disclose credit card data or other sensitive personal information, this also scares them away and as a result conversions drop.

Free trials are another high converting type of affiliate programs. Free trials might not convert as well as email offers or zip offers but still they can be very profitable.


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