How to Change the Whatsapp Dictionary

There is no doubt that WhatsApp has become one of the most popular media of recent times. Whether for the practicality offered by all mobile applications or the fact that it allows us to chat with friends or groups of friends, complemented by the ability to send and receive images, this app is one of the essential in our current affairs. But a doubt that always involves the use of this application is related to the dictionary or predictive text, so today we will teach you how to change the WhatsApp dictionary and configure your particular language.

Steps to follow:

1   If you are not yet using this application and you want to start doing it, either by inciting your friends who already use it or out of curiosity, you must enter Google Play Store if you are an Android user, or in case you are a user of IOs, you must enter the Apple App Store.

2   Once you have followed the installation steps, registered your phone number (which is associated with your WhatsApp account) and accepted the terms and conditions of use, you will have WhatsApp on your mobile phone.

3   To change the WhatsApp dictionary, the first thing you must do is enter the Settings option that you will find inside your application folder, that is, where all the applications you have installed on your mobile are listed.

4   Within Settings you will find several submenus (depending on the version of the operating system that your mobile phone has, their names may vary or the order in which they are found): screen, sound, network settings and general settings. To configure the WhatsApp dictionary you must enter the General option.

5   Once you are within the General options, you will find a new option called Language and region or Language and keyboard, enter here. The first thing you will see is the option to configure the language and keyboard, click and you will see by default the language that is assigned at the moment. When you click on this option, a list of all available options will be displayed, here you can select the one that corresponds to your language.

6   Within the Language menu you can also make various keyboard adjustments , for example the way in which words are entered, either by swipe (enter words tracing a path for each letter) or by simply typing each one.

Within these options you can also adjust the predictive text, that is to say suggestions of words when writing, suggestions of emoticons, that the images of them form when entering a certain word, configure the automatic correction and also configure the size of the text and its color.

7   Now, going back to Settings -> General, you will find the Dictionary option from where you can adjust the WhatsApp dictionary. Enter this option and select the language you prefer and this is how the WhatsApp dictionary is changed. It configures the use of capital letters, punctuation marks and, in addition, the configuration of the personal dictionary, which will allow you to add all those words that you commonly use and are not included in the standard dictionary.

8     we tell you different features and modifications that you can do in WhatsApp to adapt it and become an expert in this app:

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Article Source: Tape Daily

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