You can reach out to millions of people at the same time and get there feedback simultaneously. This whole scenario is scary but exciting, at the same time, there is a question often asked what makes you stand out from the rest? Well it may sound individualistic but can be answered. If you have to grab eyeballs your content should be interesting and genuine. Still this does not suffice for grabbing attention, marketing strategies have to be in place and up to date. But still this won’t also put you in the upper bracket. You have to reinvent yourself, put yourself out there with offers, interacting on social media with your loyal customers and visitors, get guest posts done, do a SEO or outsource it, embedding your YouTube video to the website, analyzing website with etc. are some of the ways you could really make some traffic stopover and consider.

Creating a loyalty base or getting subscribers to your account on your channel or website, or make them leave their mail-ID may small set of achievements but they are the foundations of notching up something bigger if you work on this.

Some really good points to be a trail blazer on the web

  • The first thing is to get your website load faster as people have very less attention span now a days, and have quick go through of things.
  • Coding your website to mobile quality and the speed will help you in terms of traffic coming to your site as many people are most of the time on their mobiles.
  • Decreasing your image size will really help that without compromising on the quality. As every platform has different formats and adapting to these platforms would make you more visible.
  • By putting your website’s static files on content delivery networks you make them easier and faster for downloading. Check your website analytics on com.
  • Decreasing the bandwidth and improving the performance storing it temporarily so the visitor can have a glance as soon as the visitor comes on your site.
  • The most obvious image pages which are seen frequently are stored together in one file so it can be viewed faster.
  • The rule of the thumb is that your thing should not fail no matter what. All the websites are integrating their services with third parties, whose server will have lot of pressure on the may fail sometimes but your content should be upheld for this you have to asynchronous the script of website.
  • It is better to check your hosting service whether you have a shared or dedicated service, this will make a whole of difference in the speed.
  • The use of cloud based hosting will give you efficiency, cost effectiveness and scalability too.

From all this you will really pick up on website sales, marketing and definitely seek traffic to your site. Though this not a onetime process and the content what goes out has to tweaked and kept to the contemporary requirements. Scaling to the better speed as the technological advancements come on, catching up will only bring in the needed traffic to your site.

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