How Far Uber has Fallen in 2017

Recently, the online reputation management Los Angeles company has been keeping a close eye on the whole Uber and the resignation of their CEO Travis Kalanick. has released a timeline of Uber’s scandals and how they have unreeled over 2017.

It all started back in February when former engineer Susan Fowler published details of sexual harassment and gender bias she experience at Uber. Then Google’s Waymo sues Uber over alleged intellectual property theft of their self-driving files. In March, the NYTimes reveals that Uber has been deceiving authorities for years with a tool called Greyball. Uber then launched a search for COO after Kalanick admits he needs leadership help. After a crash in Arizona in late March, Uber temporarily suspends its self-driving car program. They released their diversity numbers which show its in the middle of the pack when you compare them to other tech companies.

In the month of April, the details of meeting between Apple’s CEO and Kalanick leak, and Tim Cook had warned Uber they will pull the app from the app store if they keep violating Apple’s policies. The Judge in May issues a preliminary injunction against Uber and blocking the former head of self-driving cars from working on certain technology. Uber tells NYC drivers it will pay tens of millions owned to them because of an accounting error that underpaid them for years. End of May Uber announced it had lost $700 million in Quarter 1. I June, they fired over 20 employees due to claims of harassment and other bad behavior. Kalanick’s email was published by Recode where he told employees how to handle sex, drinking and throwing kegs at a company party. Kalanick announces he has taken a leave of absence and a board member is forced to resign after making a sexist joke during the company’s meeting. Shortly after this investors revolt and force Travis Kalanick to resign from the company, which he did. Uber right now is still looking for a CEO, CMO, COO and the list goes on.

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