Effective conversion of WMA files to MP3 on Mac systems

Windows Media Audio file is an exclusive product from Microsoft. It is considered as an inferior file format when compared to MP3 format. MP3 file format delivers quality videos even at low bit rates whereas it is not possible with WMA file. Even though both the formats have adopted lossy compression technique to reduce the size MP3 seems to possess industrial standards. WMA file format supports Microsoft related audio and video files. MP3 make use of Lame encoder whereas WMA utilizes its own product to establish the required tasks. Most of the sound experts prefer MP3 files than WMA file format. Here in this article let us learn about an innovative platform to convert WMA files into MP3 format without compromising on any factors. This task is accomplished by retaining its quality factor. There is no data loss during the conversion process.

Systematic stepwise procedure for the conversion process

Step 1: Download the trial version of Wondershare video converter and install the tool by following the clear instructions displayed in the command window. Carry out the required action for a successful installation process.

Step 2: Click on the Wondershare video converter icon in order to begin the conversion process. You have to add the required file with the help of the ‘Add Files’ tab displayed on your top left side of the screen. Make use of the drag and drop technique in order to include the necessary file into this Wondershare video converter platform. Insert the WMA file which has to be converted into MP3 file by implementing any one of the above discussed techniques.

The above screenshot displays the progress of adding WMA file into the Wondershare video converter in order to carry out the conversion process. From the above picture you can witness the entire screen is divided into two panels namely ‘converting’ and ‘converted’. The converting panel holds the source file involved in the task and the converted panel will finally displays the required target format file after a successful conversion process.  

Step 3:  It is optional to utilize the edit tools in order to make modifications in the recorded file. Here in the below picture you can observe the edit tools beneath the added WMA file. There are three options namely trim, crop and add effect. If you are not interested to make any changes in the file then you can proceed with the next step ignoring those tools.

Step 4: Now you can convert this audio file from WMA format into MP3 format by following the instructions. Go to the dropdown menu displayed beside a tab named as ‘Convert all tasks to’. It is available on your top right side of the screen. Expand the drop down menu and select ‘Audio’ from the listed option. You will be able to view there are two panels in the expanded window. Select ‘MP3’ in the left panel and choose the desired quality level based on your needs in your right side of the panel. There are three levels of quality namely high, medium and Low. You can choose any one from the listed items. In the below picture I have selected a medium quality level.

The process has reached its final stage. All the necessary settings are completed to trigger the conversion process on Mac systems.

Step 5: Click the convert button on your top right side of the screen to stimulate the conversion process.

Now you can view the successful completion of the conversion process in the above picture. WMA file has been successfully converted into MP3 format by retaining its quality factors on Mac systems.

Exclusive features

Wondershare video converter serves as a boon for video enthusiastic. Even novice video personnel can handle this tool to carry out their desired task without much difficulty. You need not wait for long hours to complete desired modifications on video files. It operates at faster rate when compared to other video converters in the competitive market. It has powerful functions and delivers successful completion of the required task without any interruptions or obstacles. You can obtain quality outcomes at faster rate with the help of Wondershare video converter. Make use of this innovative tool to switch between file formats. Record your favorite streaming videos on DVDs without any data loss. Cast videos to TV as a media server with the help of this effective tool. You can also convert any format of videos or pictures into GIF format. Optimum utilization of this software delivers outstanding results.

It is high time to make a worthy purchase at the official website of Wondershare video converter, you could also learn how to convert MP4 to DVD. Really it is a recommendable product to fulfill your needs. It is a perfect tool which meets the expectations of the users without any compromises. Wondershare video converter is best software to work with videos.




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