Creating More Efficient Online Working Spaces Through Automation Software

The structure of the working and management has shifted dramatically toward the new and modern techniques of time and energy conservation through automation in assessment and delegation of responsibility. Here we see how communication impacts the working and management and what software and techniques are in place to handle this portion of management.

Use of software for management

The aim of communication and management software is to stimulate productivity by enhancing dialogue among the team members, getting better user-friendly solutions, and simplify the management process. Communication especially is becoming the focus of the development managers who see valuable time wasted due to inefficiencies in the system.

Use tools for communication

The first thing one does is to deploy the internal communication tools such as those for private and group messaging and for chat. The emphasis here is on keeping the group knit together as a team under the common goal. For this, one provides the space where the entire team can interact. The scope of this discussion may include huge things such as project aim and updates or it may remain a basic unit just to cater to chat. Like mentioned, it depends on the company policies at the moment.

One example of this is the Facebook Groups that helps you club all the members in one common place. Or, one may use dedicated intranet services. This space proves useful when one wants to share files or search for previous conversation or contacts.

Get more readership

People eat with their eyes. Good content is the determining factor to good internet readership. Use of infographics and images increases the amount of appeal your content has and therefore your readership. This has something to do with the way the brain processes information some 67,000 times faster than the text.

All this has led to the management team creating a whole bunch of videos for training the staff and for delivering messages to the customer and positioning them at strategic places on the internet. But does this work? No, just because everyone has their own thing to do. They do not want to spend their precious time looking at some vague video without any direction or meaning in their life.

Option is the forums

So, out goes the videos. This brings us to the discussion forums. This has a positive side and one negative side. On the positive side, you can increase the interactivity and brain-storm ideas within the team through these interactive forums. But, when outsiders get in on the forum and begin to post their own views on some unrelated topic, this becomes a deterrent.

One needs to use online social tools for internal communication. This point came to light in a study that showed an increase in productivity by 20% when the workers in the company used the online social tools. The benefits of this move are that it automates mundane tasks, improves sharing of updates, helps connect the entire team from top level management to the ground level worker, and helps connect across borders.

Team effort improves when the members remain firmly in place wherever they are on the globe and whatever be their position in the company hierarchy. Team updates and filling up forms or sending letters is automated. This helps make team make a more efficient delivery of its goods and services.

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