Choosing The Best Open Source Ecommerce Platforms

Having a great product is not enough to guarantee success. You also need to know the best and most profitable way to sell your product. If potential buyers are not able to find your product easily you will not get enough sales to be successful in this highly competitive marketplace. It is why choosing the best e-commerce platforms is essential. In this article, I will help to guide you so that you can make the best choice that will enable your product to fly off the shelf.

The main consideration for any new business is keeping the initial costs down as low as possible with the maximum return. When starting out using an open source e-commerce platform is the best choice as it will save you a considerable amount. An open source e-commerce platform is available for anyone to download for free. It is even possible for developers to develop their own apps to run on the platform to help improve it.

#1: Magento Community

There are two different Magneto platforms to choose from which are the Community and Enterprise Edition. If you are starting a new drop shipping company or online store the chance is that you will not be able to afford the Enterprise Edition unless you have backers with very deep pockets as it will set you back a whopping $16,000 every year. The good news is that the Community Edition is completely free and is trusted by thousands of users.

In the free, Magento Edition users can easily manage multiple languages and stores. What makes it my number one choice is that it is extremely easy to scale. If your drop shipping business takes off you will have no problems taking it to the next level using this platform.

#2: OpenCart

One of the most popular open source e-commerce platforms is OpenCart thanks to its ease of use. Even those with very little tech experience can set up an online store and have it operational in almost no time at all.

#3: Zen Cart

One of the oldest and most loved open source platforms for e-commerce is Zen Cart and there are more than 150,000 community members. If you are setting up a drop shipping business that requires lots of product management then this is the one for you.

#4: WooCommerce

If you enjoy using WordPress you will love WooCommerce as it is the leading platform designed to run seamlessly on WordPress. It is fast and simple to set up and within no time your online store will be ready for business. It has lots of great features and add-ons which can solve any problem that may present itself.


There are a number of different factors you need to consider before choosing which open source platform for e-commerce is best for you. Things you need to take into consideration are the cost of extra add-ons, tech work involved in setup and management, what features you require, what support is available etc. Be sure to get educated online about this work and do not jump in head first as if you get it wrong it will cost you a considerable amount of time to put it right and move it to the correct platform. It is also worthwhile reading what other users have to say via review and forum sites.

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