Change your cell phone’s IMEI

Are you one of those people who have had enough of their mobile phone? Maybe before you start browsing the catalogues for a suitable replacement you should consider some other options. How about changing your IMEI code number, instead of spending a little fortune, yet another time, on buying a new cell phone device?

The change of the IMEI is not an ordinary event. People’s experiences have shown that they managed to practically restore their useless mobile phone just by changing the IMEI. This of course is true only if the defect is not connected with some of the hardware parts but with the quality of phone calls and all other services that can be traced back to the carrier.

I didn’t mention changing the carrier at once, because I assumed that most of your phones are bought by signing a contract, so changing the carrier is not only out of the question but it will do you any good. You wouldn’t be able to use the services of any other carrier, so why put yourselves through that trouble.

Instead, you could easily change your mobile phone’s IMEI and solve multiple problems at once. When you perform this change you could figure out which carrier in your country offers the best mobile network services and choose them. You could also use any pay-as-you-go SIM card wherever you travel, which will reduce your roaming costs to zero. This is a lot that you will be gaining with simple IMEI change so I don’t think you should dismiss this idea straight away. Just finish this article and maybe things will get clearer about the IMEI changing operation. You will have time to think afterwards, and then you will hopefully make the right decision- change your phone’s IMEI number!

A few more words about the IMEI change and the software application tool you should consider using in this activity…

The IMEI is a 15 digit number and it contains the serial number of the handset you’re using, its date of production, and a few other major details.

You can find the IMEI printed in various locations on the box and battery of your cell phone device or you can find it in the settings under the ABOUT PHONE section.

It would be a nice idea to have your old IMEI written down because you will need it later when you will operate the IMEI Changer Software Tool.

The IMEI Changer Software Tool is the one and only tool that can quickly change your IMEI code and immediately send you a new one. So at no point will you be left with no IMEI code on your device which is also one very important aspect that you need to consider when you pick and choose an IMEI changing tool.

The IMEI Changer Software Tool is the most recommended tool not only because of the point I made earlier, but because it keeps your phone and your computer safe and protected and all times. You won’t find this with other tools so that is one big plus for the IMEI Changer Software Tool.

The IMEI Changer Software Tool is also very simple to use. All the knowledge you need to have to use the tool is not a certificate from a software school but the instructions, which are few and simple and that are posted right below:


  1. Find the downloading link for the IMEI Changer Software Tool and download it for free on your PC, laptop or tablet.
  2. Open the tool as soon as the installation activity is over.
  3. Use the USB cable, preferably the original one that came with your cell phone device to connect it to the PC.
  4. Provide your mobile phone’s old IMEI code and an email address you can enter. It doesn’t have to be your personal email address; any email address that you can open and use will be ok for the job.
  5. Click on “CHANGE IMEI”.
  6. Wait for a couple of minutes or so. If the process takes more time then that is ok too, that means that your internet connection was not as stable as it should be. But however stable your internet connection is you will have your IMEI changed in no more than 10 minutes.
  7. The final confirmation about the successful ending of the IMEI changing activity will be sent to you to your email address.

Good luck using the IMEI Changer Software Tool and have fun with your old mobile phone instead of throwing it away!


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