Broken Links: A Dilemma for Every Marketer.

Do you run a thriving affiliate marketing business? If you do, then a common problem you may have is broken links.

Broken links might ruin the amount you’d cash in from commissions.

If a link is broken to an important product, clients can’t reach it. So your links don’t sell. And they earn you nothing.

Thus, fixing a broken link is a must for an affiliate marketer. And for that, you need a short URL service

Shorten Your URL: Track Broken Links.

That’s a feature you’ll find with excellent URL shortening services. Besides shorter links, you get features that let you track all your links from a single place.

If you run a website full of affiliate links, you can track many marketed products. And you can try to see which ones suddenly stop generating clicks and revenue.

Those tend to be signs of broken links.

Broken Links and SEO.

Tracking broken links protects your SEO.

Google tends to drop page ranks for broken links. The more a broken link stays on your website, the less likely it is to get clicks.

And you’ve got many pages with broken links, you’re websites rank may suffer…

So tracking broken links (and fixing them) helps you maintain your search engine rank.

You’re Also Tracking Broken Links on Social Media…

Look at a platform like Facebook as an example.

Facebook allows you to bump old advertising in your viewer’s feed. And your old advertisement may contain a broken link to a landing page…

Do you think clients will be OK with reading a post that has a broken link? Probably not.

How do you think clients will feel in that situation? They may feel that your post is a form of spam. And they may proceed to ignore any future advertising by you…

You lose followers with broken links on social media. And so you have to track and repair broken links as fast as possible.

What You’ll Also Need in a URL Compressor.

Beyond a single place to track links, you need a notification system.

You don’t want to rely on guesswork for links that are failing you. So you need a cheap URL shortener that notifies you when a link is broken.

The sooner you receive the notifications, the better. Because remember, you commissions, reputation, and SEO ranks are at risk with broken links.

So switch them out as fast as possible!

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