Best Five Smartphone Tracker Apps


Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine even a day without smartphones, as they have transformed to be the 6th finger in people’s hands, owing to its increased and multiple usages, in the recent years. It is very common that due to our lack of attention, we miss our mobile phones somewhere or get stolen by someone. In these situations, we make use of the technology developments to easily find our missing/stolen smartphones. There have been derived two major mobile phone tracking concepts, which are the Multilateration and the GPS tracking.

The Multilateration, is a technique that helps in tracking a mobile phone, by estimating the difference in the distance between last two stations broadcasted radio signals, from the device. However, this method doesn’t deliver an accurate location of the device. The GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking is an accurate method that incurs the location data delivered by the network, to track a smartphone. To locate a mobile phone by this method, it is mandatory to enable the device with mobile-data and GPS switched on, while attempting to locate it.

There are a number of mobile applications and software tools that makes use of the GPS tracking method, to locate a smartphone. These apps can be installed to our devices, to use it, at the times of difficulties such as, when got stolen or missed. We have presented you six, from the list of best smartphone tracking applications, here.

  1. Where’s My Droid
  2. Family Locator – GPS tracker
  3. mSpy
  4. Cerberus Anti-Theft Solution
  5. Android Device Manager
  6. Find My Mobile

Where’s My Droid

It is a wonderful android tracker, which offers a fully customizable phone tracking and security options. It features, advanced security functions such as to remotely lock or to wipe-out all data from your Android devices. By this way, it not only locates Android smartphones, but also makes sure the phone data are secured even when we lose the device.

Family Locator – GPS tracker

It is a prudent application, developed specifically to locate one another from a family in real time, for free. It also offers to alarm you, when your kids’ phone enter a prohibited are and also to have a track of history of locations, in the premium version. It is made available for both Android and iOS devices in different versions.


mSpy, one of the best android tracker, collects all the data such as text messages, call logs, GPS coordinates, browsing history and many more from the device, in which it is installed; and records it to a secured server that can be accessed by logging-in to the mSpy control panel, using mSpy account credentials. This software doesn’t demands rooting or jailbreak, but however it matters when, we want to monitor various messengers such as Whatsapp, Skype, Gmail, Viber, Line, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

It is good to check the compatibility of this tool with the target device before purchasing. This software, also enables a remote installation mode, where you wouldn’t need to go through a hassle to access the targeted device physically. mSpy application is absolutely legal to use, if the intension of the user is  right-on.

Cerberus Anti-Theft Solution

It is a complete anti-theft mobile app, used to detect the accurate android location of the stolen/lost/misplaced smartphones. It sports various unique features, such as to make a loud alarm when stolen, even if the mobile is in silent mode; lock the missing Android smartphone remotely, using a code; erase all internal/external memory remotely; and much more. Moreover, it automatically captures a photo of the person who has stolen the phone and notifies it to us through an e-mail or SMS about it, when a wrong password is entered.

Android Device Manager

It is a simple method, presented by Google itself to track mobile phones in a simple way. It locates Android devices, by using the Google account associated with the smartphone, via PC. It also helps to reset the ‘Screen Lock’ and to erase all the data from the device, by entering a PIN.

Find My Mobile

‘Find My Mobile’ is an inbuilt setting in all Samsung mobile phones, which is used to find their location online. This method is very much reliable, as it is an authentic option from Samsung. The procedure to enable this option is very simple that it is just like saying ‘find my phone samsung’. Go to,

Settings → Privacy Settings → Find My Mobile → Samsung Account & enter your Samsung account details.

Thus, these are the best five mobile applications that helps us in tracking a lost smartphone, we have presented you. However, there are much more options, methods and applications available to carry-out this process, which you can explore through a vast online research.

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