Benefits and Other Factors of Choosing Third Party Telecom Care over OEM

The evolution of technology has brought in healthy changes in the world today. One of the major effects of technology can be seen clearly on the telecom sector, where everything has been changed from the traditional ways to the adoption of new advanced technologies of doing business. With this adoption, it is natural to face certain issues while operating any gadget or equipment as everything requires maintenance and servicing after a point of time.

It is believed that most of the companies and customers as well prefer to select third party telecom maintenance for better services especially for the off-warranty products over the OEM. Avaya PABX system is one of the well known smart communications solution that covers all the featured voice/telephony communications, messaging, networking and contact centre capabilities. Third party companies like Vector Dubai is the best example, which provides all types of IT solutions and telecom care with a variety of benefits, which proves that they are better in comparison with the OEM.

There are few features that Avaya IP office includes, which are as follows:

  • Call Centre functionality
  • Voicemail
  • 128 party conferencing
  • Networking of up to 32 sites
  • Telephone management system (TMS)
  • Multiple call support
  • Voice recording
  • Caller ID
  • Menu driving tools including audit trail.

Below mentioned are some of the benefits and reasons for considering third party telecom service over the OEM:

  1. Price:

Running a company whether small or large in size can cost you a lot in various different sectors especially telecom equipment as they are very costly. Hiring a third party services can save your money by maintaining the quality assurance of work, which you may not get in OEM. Budgeting is a major point on which business runs and thus it helps in saving the cost that must not be overlooked.

  1. Flexibility:

OEM services mostly deal with one type of servicing that fits all which therefore can’t fulfill each requirement of the client and thus lack the flexibility of providing solution to every issue that you may arise. Third party providers are more useful as they provide a variety of response time and coverage days. They also give the facility to adjust the expiry dates of various contracts so that they expire on the similar date.

  1. One stop solution and single contact point:

In case of any telecom support during any issue, OEM services can cause delay in providing solution to the problems. This may hamper your work and can lead to losses as it may take long to figure out which OEM service to call. Third party in such cases is quite useful as you need to contact only a single service provider for all your concerns.


These are the points which will help you to understand more about third party maintenance and OEM service contracts. After analyzing all the factors, you may select a perfect telecom servicing company that supports all types of equipment as per your need.

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