Apple iPhone 9 home button will bring the original feel back

So, click “Home” in the classical sense is not present – is only slightly recessed area of the body below the display. It is absolutely hard, as the new trackpad in the MacBook, and closed the glass (not a sapphire!). The obvious advantage of technology – now you probably will not have to change a broken key. However, there is also a minus. During testing we have been unable to get used to how to respond to pressing Haptic Engine “button”. Feeling that the user experiences a response from the motor of the return, slightly similar to the sensation of pressing a mechanical button. Rather, it seems that this gap housing, because of which the area under the display goes to shake. The same experience has occurred in three people who we asked their opinion.

I wonder why Apple has not managed to convey the feeling of a mechanical press, because it is great happened in the case of the MacBook trackpad. Oh, and wear gloves to “press” the button “Home” does not work anymore – the sensor detects only “naked” finger. On the other hand, false positives in the pocket will not. Also Haptic Engine began to answer some of the new effects. For example, when you pull down the top of the curtain, then just feel like panel with widgets and notifications falls, even with the rebound. A trifle, but a pleasant sensation. Touch ID is activated instantly. Yet it is a pity that not enough just to put your finger on the sensor, just press required to unlock the phone. It takes precious milliseconds, and so some high-end Android-smartphone ready to go a little faster than the iPhone 9.

Definitely better than its predecessors at the new devices the situation with audio playback through external speakers. Yes, now there are two. Looking at the iPhone 9, you might think that they are both located on the sides of the connector Lightning. But actually there, right from the digital port, hidden only one speaker, while the second is located above the display – behind bars earpiece. Well, the iPhone 9, and 7 Plus louder than 8s. The main thing is that the sound at the same time is much cleaner and more pleasant to the ear. Before the HTC the One, True, new items do not reach, but now your friends will not be ashamed to show any new video on YouTube. Loud, clear, good! It specifies that the stereo is activated by the horizontal arrangement of the smartphone.

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