Affiliate Email Marketing: Drive Online Sales with Email Marketing Techniques

Successful affiliate marketers often engage in affiliate email marketing to capture more buyers as well as buyers who will purchase items more than once. Online customers who receive regular email information about a product or website are more likely to buy.

Creating a Customer List

Affiliate marketers who want to keep people coming back to their website use their site to develop a customer list. The list is made up of customers who agree to further communications with the websites. This will be done with several forms of affiliate email marketing. Some affiliate marketers estimate that each person on their customer list earns them about $1 per year. This number drives affiliate marketers to create the largest lists they can in order to have the largest possible audience for their affiliate email marketing communications.

Affiliate Marketing Newsletters

One common way to keep customers coming back to a website is to send out a newsletter that contains articles, updated information or announcements. The newsletter will also have links that either drive the customers to the affiliate marketer’s website, or it can feature affiliate links to send customers directly to purchase a product.

Email Marketing

The main draw for customers signing up for an email marketing list is to get access to information that does not appear on the affiliate marketing website. This may be a free eBook giveaway to anyone who signs up for the email list, free informational articles or free email courses. Thus, email marketing becomes important aspect of Web Marketing South Yarra.

Free email courses are a popular way to tempt people to sign up for regular emails, each of which will feature either affiliate links or links back to the affiliate marketing website. The courses are often tailored around the items being sold. An affiliate marketing business that sells gardening items through affiliate links can send out a free email course that teaches some aspect of gardening. Free eBooks and articles are also tailored to give the customer’s specific information that will help them to use the products being sold through affiliate marketing. An affiliate marketing website that sells toys through affiliate links can have a free newsletter to alert customers to new toys, feature toy reviews, articles about specific toys or send out free eBooks about toy safety.

Advertising an Affiliate Marketing Program

The free information sent through affiliate email marketing should always be targeted toward those who want to receive it. Advertising an affiliate marketing program using purchased spam lists or using spam software will generally result in the affiliate marketer being banned from that affiliate marketing network.

When advertising an affiliate marketing program, the emails should contain a method for unsubscribing to the list within a reasonable amount of time. All email marketing should be compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act. Any email marketing that is not compliant can result in an affiliate marketing business being fined and even jailed for noncompliance.

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