Advantages of proper ventilation from the exhaust fans

Exhaust fans are those fans which are efficiently used in the ventilation purposes. By the recent use of these exhaust fans the ventilation procedure has improved drastically.

Exhaust fans are designed in such a way that they suck out air and while throwing it outwards from the opposite side, the one facing the blades.

There are various places in our homes which have a local high concentration of odour, particulate matter, moisture etc. These materials when they mix with the air (and they do), the air inside the house gets polluted and is not of the standard of breathing. This not only leads to humidity level increase in the area but may also cause breathing problems.  Moisture especially may lead to problems such as formation of moulds on the walls which would eventually weaken the walls. This air need to be upgraded in its standard or filtered.

The places of such problems are bathrooms, kitchens etc. In such places the exhaust fans are fitted just below the ceiling facing the ventilators. When the blades start rotating, the steam or water vapour is sucked by the suction force created due to the blades of the exhaust fan. This air is thrown out through the ventilator and fresh air enters from the adjoining vent or window or a door to fill the gap of the air created by the one thrown out.

The exhaust fans also help us in lowering the room temperature. The mechanism used is similar and in the same manner the hot air is thrown out of the room through the ventilator and cool air near to the surface of the earth gushes in and mixes with the already present air. This process is repeated time and again which leads to a drop in the temperature of the room but other than this there are many other advantages of the ventilation provided by the exhaust fans. These advantages are as follows:

  • The ventilation is made better by the exhaust fan which cleans the bathroom air and protects us from diseases like sinus congestions. You can buy cheap fans online to clean up the air and prevent yourself from these diseases.
  • The machine protects the walls or the ceilings from mould by venting out the excessive moisture that may lead to it. Thus the walls remain safe and strong which would have degraded if there had been a formation of mould.
  • The exhaust fans as stated above also help to lower the room temperature by venting out the hot air.
  • In winters especially in houses having fire place the exhaust fans can prove to be life savers as they throw out excessive carbon dioxide built up in the room due to the constant burning of wood. The only drawback is they would also throw out the warm air.
  • They maintain the quality of air to be breathable level.
  • They help to maintain a continuous flow or convection of air helping the ceiling fans to maintain efficient airflow in the room.

 The exhaust fans are also used in the mines where these vent out the harmful as well as combustible gases saving the workers from harm.

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