5 Things to Look For In Your Next Phone Camera

Your Next Phone Camera

Your phone’s camera used to be a novelty item of sorts. You didn’t expect the pictures to turn out the same way you would a traditional camera. Times have definitely changed though! Today’s phone cameras can actually compete with a traditional handheld camera and with the right apps and tools, the images you produce can actually even be “send-it-to-Frameology, give-it-a-special-place-on-the-mantle” quality! It’s all about making sure your next phone camera has the right features though. Here’s what to look for:

Dual Camera Optical Zoom

A great zoom rate is an awesome feature to have in a phone camera, but it gets even better when you have a dual camera zoom that is providing multiple megapixel sensors and lenses. Combining the capacity of both cameras provides a better quality picture with more depth and  detail Zooming in is useless if the clarity and picture quality fail to follow the zoom. A dual camera optical zoom ensures you will get all the sharp detail and quality perspective needed to take a great picture.

Deep Machine Learning

Deep machine learning isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Deep machine learning enables your phone’s camera to differentiate faces from the background and focus in on them. It detects motion and adjusts to compensate. It can even detect flaws in the lighting and adjust accordingly. The capacity of deep machine learning combined with dual cameras and other emerging features is expected to change the face of augmented reality.  Of course, as with all technology, this capacity is expected to improve and evolve with continuous user feedback.

The Bokeh Effect

The bokeh effect is the ability of a camera to capture a quality, sharp image of an object in the foreground, while leaving the background out of focus and blurry to a certain extent. While there are many ways to achieve this effect, an image signal processor, such as the one found in the iPhone 7, is the most popular. Dual cameras are also a great contributor to ward harnessing this effect in phone cameras.

Optical Image Stabilization

Optical image stabilization is probably the most important feature to look for in a phone camera. Due to their lightweight and slim design, phone cameras are not the most conducive for less than steady hands. That’s where optical image stabilization comes in. Most shift the lens to minimize shaking, but some, like SmartSensor, move the image sensor so that the stabilizing effect extends into 3 dimensions.

Raw DNG Images

This feature is a must have if you want explore professional editing software. Access to the raw DNG image gives you an incredible amount of control over the file when editing and is particularly useful when you are looking to create final shots worthy of picture frames. It’s important to note that these raw images are not capable of being uploaded directly to sites like Facebook and Instagram though.

And there you have it- the five things your next phone camera must have! Now that you know what to look for, you can take your next phone camera to a whole new level! Before you know it, you’ll be snapping shots worthy of the wall!

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