5 Best Reputation Management Software to Monitor Public Access

Online reputation management (ORM) software helps businesses to monitor and control what their customers & users are saying about their service or product on various review platforms. So, if you want to improve the brand image of our company and promote the wide range of products or services that you deal with then using an ORM software can help you out with this. This type of software offers the following features:

  1. Monitoring both existing and new user-generated reviews
  2. Getting notifications whenever someone submits a new comment
  3. Enabling businesses to pay special attention to the negative reviews

So, overall it is fair to conclude that entrepreneurs can enhance the brand image of their business by using reputation management software as this type of tools will help them to suppress negative reviews. Meanwhile, they will also get the opportunity to build effective strategies to generate more positive reviews. In the below section we will take you through the top 5 most useful ORM software that will make reputation management easier like never before.


This is one of the best software that helps businesses to convert happy customers into reviewers. So if you think your products or services are worth to win the hearts of your customers then this software will help you to show that on the cyberspace.

Get Five Stars

This tool not only helps companies to track online reviews but it also encourages visitors to leave a comment in a general and positive comment in particular. The software is really easy to use and comes with mobile-friendly responsive template.

Review Trackers

This software helps business owners to track reviews and ratings. As a result, business gets the chance to understand what their customers prefer to have and what they need to change on their business. Developed by Chris Campbell, this software has been appreciated by many digital marketers and SEO executives.


This is one of the best online reputation management tools available in the market today. By using this software businesses can easily get and track customer feedback which will help them to increase the number of positive ratings on their website. This software not only allows businesses to develop new reviews but meantime it also help owners to track what’s being said about them on over 20+ popular online review sites. With the help of this software, businesses can easily improve their images by spending 5 minutes only on a daily basis.


This software helps companies to build trust with their client or customers. It helps owners to drive customer-generated content into the positive flow and increase the reputation of the business along with its visibility. Podium helps business to keep and management reputation from all the digital aspects.

So these are the top 5 ORM software that you can consider using for improving the brand image of your business. Hope knowing about these tools will help you to create a protective shield around your brand image and disable other from affecting it. So choose the one according to your need and feel free to leave us a mail in case if you need any further assistance regarding this.

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